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There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities with Toronto Cat Rescue! If you are interested in volunteering with TCR in any capacity we would love to hear from you! Most of our volunteer roles are for adults 18 years or older.  If you would like more information, please check out our Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions, call the TCR Hotline at 416-538-8592 and leave a message, or email info@torontocatrescue.ca. We look forward to working alongside you!

We have the following volunteer opportunities available. If you would like to foster for TCR, please see our Foster Homes page for more information.


This role is best suited for someone who enjoys driving and is able to navigate through our busy city and sometimes the GTA. As a driver you are able to choose from available requests.  

Drivers are a very important part of the TCR family.  TCR relies on drivers to pick up cats from TAS shelters; take cats to and from clinics; help with delivering materials for adoptathons, distribute food and medical supplies, the list is endless: we need you.   To learn more about being a Driver please click on the link below.

Information and application for Drivers

Driver Coordinator

This role is best suited for someone who enjoys organizing information and corresponding with other volunteers to ensure the timely transportation of cats and supplies throughout the GTA.  It is a role which can sometimes be hectic, but never boring.  If you would like to learn more about being a Driver Coordinator please click on the link below.

Information and application for Driver Coordinator

Foster Coordinator

Overview:  As a Foster Coordinator, you will be assigned foster homes and your role will be to support foster parents by answering their questions and dealing with their concerns (often health and behavioural). You are expected to keep in regular contact with your foster homes to ensure all cats receive appropriate veterinary care and are placed for adoption once they are ready. You will also be responsible for coordinating the move of cats and kittens from foster homes to store adoption centres and adoptionevents.

The foster coordinator role is performed from your home, using your home computer and phone. Most correspondence with foster parents is done through email on a daily basis. You will need to monitor  your email  to ensure that emergencies are responded to quickly. You will also work closely with other foster coordinators, vet clinic coordinators, and intake coordinators.

Depending on your experience, there can be a steep learning curve for this role, but experienced TCR foster coordinators will provide you with adequate support and training. The difference you will make in the lives of hundreds of cats is well worth the work this role requires!

GoalEnsure foster homes are well supported and that foster cats get the medical attention they need and are posted for adoption as soon as they are ready.

Position Requirements:

– Regular, daily access to email
– Ability to dedicate yourself to this role long-term
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills
– Extremely organized with attention to detail
– Experience with feline health and behavioural problems
– Well-developed problem solving skills and the ability to stay calm in emergency situations
– A team player who is also a self-starter with the initiative to run with projects independently

Training new members of the volunteer recruitment team takes time.  Assuch, we ask that applicants be available to commit to at least one year of their time.

To apply, click here.

General Inquiries Coordinator

Overview: TCR receives daily calls and emails from the public dealing with a wide variety of topics, from media interview requests, to requests for information, interest in volunteering, offering donations, etc.  The General Inquiries team checks messages, forwards them to the appropriate person and responds to inquiries when necessary. The team consists of 7 volunteers each assigned a specific day of the week to handle all non-adoption related voicemail and email messages from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.  

The role of the coordinator is to ensure all shifts are covered, all messages are promptly forwarded, or answered and provide support for General Inquiries Administrators when necessary. 

Goal:  To provide superior customer service by ensuring that all public inquires are handled in a professional manner within 24 hrs.

Position Requirements
– Ensure that all information requests are dealt with in a 24 hr period
– Screen and train new volunteer administrators as needed
– Support GI administrators by dealing with more challenging information requests
– Ensure all shifts are covered

To apply, click here

Adoption Administrator

Goal:  To keep our adoption counsellors organized so they can match cats with their new families quickly, which in turn helps TCR save more lives.

All TCR cats available for adoption are placed on our website and potential adopters contact us through email or voicemail to arrange a screening interview.

Our adoption lines are busy – some months handling more than 500 inquiries.  Each adoption administrator is assigned a specific weekly shift 9am -3pm or 3pm – 9pm.  During the shift you will monitor all inquiries, forward inquiries to the appropriate Adoption Counsellor and log the inquiries on Smartsheet (a spreadsheet program).

Read More and Apply Here

Volunteer Centre Cat Caretaker

The Cat Caregiver is responsible for overseeing the well-being and medical care of the cats at the Volunteer Centre.

Toronto Cat Rescue Volunteer Centre (VC) serves as an intake processing location where cats coming into our program are assessed medically and behaviorally before being placed in appropriate foster homes.  The role of Cat Caretaker is not about playing and snuggling with a happy, healthy cat.  Rescue cats often have special medical and behavioural needs and are not quite ready to be your friend. This role involves hard work: a lot of cleaning, food preparation, filling forms, administering medication, scrubbing litter boxes, and keeping track of supplies. You need to be comfortable working and learning in a group environment. To be effective in this role you need to learn procedures, follow protocols and take part in regular training sessions. The well being of the cats must be your top priority and sometimes this involves being willing to go beyond the basic requirements of the role. This role is for those who like being helpful, are cooperative and enjoy working as part of a team. The reward is helping rehabilitate cats so they can go on to find forever homes.

Read More and Apply Here

Retail Store Coordinator

Overview: Toronto Cat Rescue is a volunteer-run organization. The cats in our program are located in foster homes or at our retail adoption partnership locations, such as PetValu, Petsmart and smaller independent shops. We are looking for a reliable and highly organized candidate to take on a leadership role in managing the relationship between TCR and the store.

Goal: Maximize the number of cats adopted by facilitating a strong relationship between Toronto Cat Rescue and our partner retail adoption locations.

More information, and the application for the role click here.

Store Volunteers

TCR has wonderful affiliated store foster locations for our kitties while they wait for their forever families to adopt them. We are currently seeking volunteers to visit the cats in-store to make sure they have fresh food and water, clean bedding, dishes and litter boxes, as well as spend time cuddling and playing with the cats. There are various locations, including Toronto, GTA and Kitchener, Guelph & Waterloo. Please click here if you are interested in becoming a store volunteer.

Store Volunteers Needed for PetSmart Kitchener [655 Fairway Road South]

Please click here if you are interested in becoming a store volunteer at this location

Intake Coordinator  

This role is best suited for people who can work in sometimes stressful, always fast paced, situations.  TCR’s Intake team is on the front lines, actively saving lives each day. The focus of an Intake Coordinator  is to strategically place cats in the best foster homes; to maximize the number of cats TCR can rescue, and to make good judgement calls about which cats TCR is best equipped to help.

This is a very demanding role, but its reward is knowing you have a pivotal part in saving lives.  Last year TCR rescued and found homes for over 2600 cats: each journey was begun by an Intake Coordinator.  

Information and application for Intake Coordinator

Event Screener

Goal Successfully match cats with prospective adopters at adoption events.

Toronto Cat Rescue has partnered with several Petsmart and Pet Valu stores to showcase adoptable cats.  Several times throughout the year, special weekend adoption events are held to increase the number of cats adopted, which in turn, creates foster space to save more lives. More Information, and to apply, click here.

General Inquiries Line Administrator

Overview: TCR receives daily calls and emails from the public.  These can vary from media interview requests, requests for information, interest in volunteering, offering donations, etc.  We are looking for individuals to join our General Inquiries team to check messages, forward to the appropriate party and respond to when necessary. Each volunteer is assigned a specific day of the week to handle all incoming voicemail and email messages until 9:00 pm on their shift day.

Goal: Provide superior customer service by ensuring that all public inquiries are handled within 24hrs.

More Information, and to apply, click here.