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There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities with Toronto Cat Rescue! If you are interested in volunteering with TCR in any capacity we would love to hear from you! Most of our volunteer roles are for adults 18 years or older.  If you would like more information, please check out our Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions, call the TCR Hotline at 416-538-8592 and leave a message, or email info@torontocatrescue.ca. We look forward to working alongside you!

We have the following volunteer opportunities available. If you would like to foster for TCR, please see our Foster Homes page for more information.


Drivers are essential to our life saving efforts. We rescue ill, injured, orphaned, petrified and geriatric cats from Toronto shelters daily. Without volunteer drivers, we could not save thousands of lives each year. Drivers are also needed to pick up cats from foster homes and drive them to and from vet appointments, retail adoption locations, other foster homes, etc. We also require drivers periodically for various other reasons including picking up carriers/cat food/other supplies.  Unfortunately we are not able to provide reimbursement for gas, but tax receipts can be provided based on numbers of kilometers driven.   Please click here if you are interested in joining our team of kitty chauffeurs.

Store Volunteers

TCR has wonderful affiliated store foster locations for our kitties while they wait for their forever families to adopt them. We are currently seeking volunteers to visit the cats in-store to make sure they have fresh food and water, clean bedding, dishes and litter boxes, as well as spend time cuddling and playing with the cats. There are various locations, including Toronto, GTA and Kitchener & Waterloo. Please click here if you are interested in becoming a store volunteer.

Feral Cat Recovery Centre General Volunteer

In 2010, the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition was formed to improve the lives of feral cats through strategic Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs and to address the number of homeless and feral cats living on the streets.

In December 2012, the Feral Cat Recovery Centre (RC) was opened in a City of Toronto complex close to the Scarborough Town Centre to provide post-surgical recovery space for feral cats that are being returned to their colony.  The RC is a joint project between all members of the coalition and relies on donations and volunteers to operate. Toronto Cat Rescue has recently taken over the volunteer coordination for the RC and is looking for volunteers to assist with general administrative and light cleaning/organizing duties at the facility.


  • General administrative duties as required, including printing, filing, data entry. etc.
  • Facilitate trap rentals to members of the public
  • Represent TCR and the RC to members of the public dropping off food and supply donations
  • Answer telephone and email inquiries as required
  • Keep facility clean and organized through light cleaning duties such as dishes, laundry, putting items away, sweeping, etc.
  • Assisting feral cat recovery volunteers by ensuring supplies and items used are replenished and readily available
  • Other tasks as required

Please click here for full role description and link to apply.

Adoptathon Coordinator

Toronto Cat Rescue is seeking some individuals to help with coordinating adoption events.  Our mission is to become a city in which no adoptable cat is killed and the best way we can do so is maximize the exposure our cats get through adoption events.

Adoptathon coordinators will see an event through start to finish.  Depending on the event, tasks may vary, but in general adaptation coordinators will be expected to:

  • Obtain and organize supplies required for the event
  • Confirm event details such as dates, times, number of adoption cages, etc.
  • Liaise with foster coordinators, event screener coordinator, driver coordinator, store coordinator and other stakeholders
  • Create volunteer schedule and ensure there is adequate volunteer coverage for the event
  • Prepare adoption paperwork, cat biographies, etc
  • Ensure event supplies are dropped off at the store location
  • Set up event prior to arrival of cats and tear down event after departure of the cats
  • Clean items used at the event such as food bowls, bedding, litter boxes, etc
  • Ensure all items are stored in an organized manner and ready for the next event
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any issues before, during and after the event.

Applicants must have access to a car, be willing to transport supplies to and from the event, and be able to lift 20lbs.

Please click here for full role description and link to apply.

Cat Caretaker – Volunteer Centre

The new Volunteer Centre (VC) is getting ready to open its doors!  In addition to providing training and workshop space, the VC will also serve as an intake processing location.  Here, cats coming into our program will be assessed medically and behaviourally by volunteers before going to an appropriate foster home.  This role is not about playing and snuggling with happy and healthy cats.  Many of these cats have special medical and behavioural needs and are not quite ready to be your friend.  This role involves a lot of hard work.  There’s cleaning to be done (a lot of cleaning!), and food to prepare. There are forms to be filled out, laundry to be done, medications to administer, litter boxes to be scrubbed, and supplies to keep track of. You’ll need to be communicative: asking questions as you get the hang of how things are done, and letting someone know if you notice something like a change in a cat’s weight.  You must be willing to learn, follow protocols and procedures and take part in regular training activities. Being willing to help, happy to cooperate and easy to be around are all great qualities to bring to this job.

The Cat Caregiver is responsible for overseeing the health, well-being, and general care of the cats at the Volunteer Centre.

The complete role description and link to apply can be found here­.

General Volunteers – Volunteer Centre

Are you interested in volunteering at the new TCR Volunteer Centre (main intersection: Royal York and Dundas West).  We are starting to put together a team of general volunteers that will be responsible for a variety of tasks.

Volunteers will be assigned a set weekly 4hr shift.

Examples of Duties

  • Greeting volunteers and members of the public that come to the VC
  • General administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, printing, scanning, emailing, etc.
  • Answering an internal phone line and taking messages
  • General cleaning such as sweeping, mopping, laundry, dusting, etc
  • Assist in preparation of supplies for events, meetings, workshops, training sessions, etc.
  • Other duties as required

This role will be evolving over the next couple of months, so duties may change slightly.

The goal is to have at least one volunteer present at the VC during opening hours. Volunteers may be working alone at the location at times, so it is important to have reliable people that will show up for their shifts on time.

Please complete the following form if you are interested in the role and attending an orientation session.

Adoption Counselor

The role is very demanding; however it is also one of the most rewarding roles in TCR.  The adoption counselor (AC) role is performed from your home, using your home computer and phone.  You will be assigned a group of specific fosters homes for which you will be responsible for screening any adoption applications that come in for cats in those homes.  Adoption inquiries are picked up from our voicemail and email lines throughout the day by our adoption administration team and upon receipt will be forwarded to you for handling.  You will need to check your email account at least daily, as initial contact with potential adopters is expected to be made within 24hrs.  However you will be arranging screening conversations based on your schedule and that of the potential adopter.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Receiving, reviewing and responding to adoption inquiries within 24hrs
  • Conduct screening conversations with applicants
  • Match and/or suggest cat(s) to applicants based on specific wants and desires
  • Make adoption referrals to send applicants to view cats
  • Follow up with referrals to determine outcome
  • Keep up to date and accurate records of all cases in Smartsheet
  • Keep adoption counselor team up to date through group email

Please click here for complete role description and link to apply.

Foster Coordinators

Toronto Cat Rescue is comprised of a network of foster homes. Foster coordinators are the main point of contact for our team of almost 400 foster homes. They work closely with foster homes to ensure that cats and their caregivers get the support they need throughout the adoption process. This can be a demanding role — but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs at TCR!  LEARN MORE & APPLY HERE.