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Join Our Team: Scotiabank Marathon

Toronto Cat Rescue’s 7th year at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is quickly approaching! This year’s event takes place on October 22nd and as always, it features a 5K walk/run, a half-marathon, and a full marathon. Our team is now live and ready to start working towards our fundraising goal of $30,000, and we are looking for team members to join the effort! All volunteers are encouraged to join – it will be a blast and there is an event for every level of fitness!

This year, we are offering to reimburse registration fees for the first 10 people to successfully register and fundraise $200, so registering early is key if you’d like to avoid the event registration fee.

Click here to visit our landing page to register. Your registration fee can also be reduced using one of the following discount codes:

Marathon or Half Marathon ($80): 17TCR42K

5k ($40): 17TCR5K

5k with Stroller ($50): 17TCR5ST

Got questions? Contact the event coordinator Sarah May at for more info, fun graphics, and our fundraising package.

Can’t join the team? You can also donate and help us get a little closer to our goal! Click here to support the team.

Bring Mistress Mia Home

Mistress Mia has been waiting patiently for years to be adopted. She is a very special girl, who would love a family to call her own… a family with other cats! She has a special adoption fee of $50.


MISTRESS MIA is already spayed, up to date with shots, VERY good with cats, adult-only family, born December 13, 2011.

Does your kitty love other cats and want a loving friend, girlfriend, or life long companion? Look no further! Mistress Mia is a perfect match for any cat who is looking for their lifelong kitty companion.

Mia is often misunderstood by humans because she doesn’t like being touched by them, but she LOVES other cats and has one of the gentlest souls. Even though Mia does not enjoy physical contact with humans, she loves to hang around and be close to them and is always curious about what you are up to. Mia is the most low-maintenance cat, and her gentle, sweet, sassy essence will be a lovely presence in your home.

Mia loves to cuddle and play with other kitties, and has even been known to affectionately help out with grooming her kitty friends. She is flirty and sweet with male cats (which is fine because she is spayed!), and takes on a loving and nurturing personality with other female cats.

Mia’s other hobbies include catching and killing scary bugs for her foster parents, staring out the window happily for hour looking at the birds and the clouds, and taking long naps nearby her human family.

Mia has a glowing personality. She enjoys snacks of cat treats (chicken and tuna), and will come up to you and take the snack out of your hand with her paw. She appreciates when you respect her personal boundaries and will come sit near you and blink at you lovingly when she feels safe around you. Mia LOVES to play, either with a friend or by herself. She likes to connect with humans through playing with interactive toys, and will play with pretty much anything that she finds on the floor (although she is responsible and never eats things she isn’t supposed to).

Mia was rescued from a hoarder house with fifty other cats – no wonder she loves cats! This also attributes to why Mistress Mia doesn’t act like your typical kitty around humans; we are still new creatures to her and she is still learning the etiquette, but she has come a long way and gets more and more social every day!

Mia has tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). FIV+ cats can live long happy lives with a good diet, low stress, indoor homes, loving families, and annual vet check-ins. She does not require medication. She can live in a home with other non-FIV+ cats, as the virus is only passed to other cats by blood (ie. deep bite marks). Please do not judge her based on a blood test! Mia is in excellent health, though sometimes she has a teary eye, but she is great at managing this herself. Mia is a very clean cat and never needs help with grooming, brushing or maintaining her claws (she is so happy with a scratching post).

Mia’s foster family shares: “Mia has brought so much joy and love to our home. When our own cat was ill with a degenerative disease (no cure/treatment), Mia was our saviour. Mia would cuddle and groom her little friend, and would even help her to the litter box when her disease progressed. When our cat passed away I could feel Mia mourning her friend. She now has a new foster kitty to pal around with and is so happy to have a companion. Her soul is sweet and gentle and even though she is very unique, she will be a perfect fit in someone’s loving and patient home.”.

Because Mia is seeking her special family, her adoption fee is $50, versus our standard $175… she hopes her adopter is YOU!

Terrance & Panda Thank All TCR Volunteers!

During June’s Pet Valu National Adoption Weekend two lucky cats found their forever home with visitors to the High Park Pet Valu. It was a beautiful summer weekend so traffic into the store was slow. However, for Terrance (pictured) and Panda, it was the best weekend they had had for a long time! Both are black, domestic short hair cats who luckily escaped euthanasia in London and made the trip to Toronto courtesy of Toronto Cat Rescue.

TERRANCE, in his youthful, two2 year old exuberance, was out on a leash exploring the store when his new dad, Craig, arrived Saturday morning to buy cat food for his resident cat, Henry. Henry is a nine year old, formerly feral cat who had always relied on his recently deceased feline companion to be the brave one. Craig and his partner hoped that a friendly, outgoing cat would take on the brave role and bring Henry out of his shell once again.

Craig clearly fell in love with Terrance and thought that he might be able to help bring Henry out of his shell. He went home and came back shortly thereafter with his partner, who ultimately agreed the two cats might be good together. He then left to get the cash adoption fee while Micheline stayed cuddling and walking Terrance.

TCR’s Post-Adoption Support team is available to support adopters through the transition period that every cat goes through when they move into a new home. The transition can be difficult not just for the TCR cat, but also any resident cat (or dog) in the home. Fortunately Craig and Micheline contacted our support team and Micheline has been kind enough to give us an update one week after the adoption:

“The introductions are progressing slowly… VERY SLOWLY.  The hissing has stopped and they both are well acquainted with each others smell (spending time in each other’s territories). We have had one or two successful co-treat sessions, but Terrance’s youthful exuberance leads him to chase Henry – we distract him with play and treats for both.  So far we are up to three 10-minute sessions a day.  Sometimes Henry retreats to the basement sometimes he is present. It’s going to be a long process. Terrance seems happy enough in his safe rooms (we transfer from day to night) and we’ve got Feliway spewing expensive pheromones in every room which has helped things quite a bit.”

PANDA is an eight year old cat. His new owner, Heather, visited the store Saturday afternoon and spoke with our screener Katie. Heather also has a nine year old cat, Gus, and had been thinking about getting him a companion, but this is a decision not to be rushed. Heather arrived back at the store late Sunday afternoon just as TCR Volunteer Arlene was finishing the adopt-a-thon clean-up. They talked for quite some time about how to introduce cats, and then Arlene gave her space as she considered the decision. Arlene then saw her pick up a litter box and she knew Panda was being adopted! A second carrier and some treats (Panda loves treats) were also purchased. Given Panda’s age, the standard adoption fee was waived, but Heather went to the ATM and donated the standard fee to TCR!

According to Heather: “Panda is settling in quite well and the two of them seem to be getting along fairly well. Panda is no longer hiding and is out and about fully now. Gus and him seem to be fine together so far. A little bit of chasing happening, which I cannot tell if it is play or not. They are both eating and doing all the normal functions, so that is good news as well.”

Thank goodness TCR has such wonderful and patient adopters. Meeting the cats and their new families, and hearing their stories makes volunteering so rewarding! 


Sponsor a Cat, Save a Life!! Foster Homes and Donations Urgently Needed!

Rescue In Action Update: Thank you to our incredible supporters! Your help so far has been AMAZING! Together, we have SMASHED our fundraising goal to help save the 50 lives that were at risk of euthanasia in Quebec. We can now comfortably provide veterinary attention to all of them! And we have some great news – all 50 cats have safely arrived in Toronto just a couple of days early.

The phenomenal help you have provided us with so far has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, and has shown us the things we can do as a community. With this final push, we can finally make sure each and every one of these cats find the home they deserve – and together, we will make it happen. On behalf of everyone at TCR and the cats themselves, a big thank you to all our supporters!



Toronto Cat Rescue needs your help! SPA Quebec’s shelter in Montreal is overflowing with cats this season and 50 cats need a new home FAST! Please, this is their last chance; the shelter cannot accept new arrivals due to overcrowding and will be forced to euthanize if they are unable to move these precious lives to a new location.

TCR is the only organization who can answer this distress call, but we cannot achieve this goal without your help!

Time is of the essence and we need to act fast! We are aiming for a transfer date of Thursday, July 6th and we do not want to leave a single cat behind at the shelter. We desperately need you to help us fill up that transport truck!

FOSTER: If you can foster one or more of them, even just for two weeks, please contact us immediately. Foster homes provide TLC, food and litter. TCR will cover all medical costs, if needed.

DONATE: If you cannot open your home to one of these cats, please consider making a donation to sponsor one of them. The cats will require a basic physical exam and rabies vaccination if they are over 4 months old. There are bound to be other unforeseen medical concerns such as dental work. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $5,000 for this rescue. Please consider sponsoring 1 cat for $125. It’s a small price to pay for saving a very precious life!

Toronto cat rescue will take care of all the effort needed to ensure the safe harbouring of these precious lives. With your help, we can save ALL of these lives. Please give us your support!

Pictured: BUDDY – she would love to be safe and loved because of you.