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We Need YOU!!


TCR does not have a shelter, we have a network of loving foster homes across Toronto, the GTA and Kitchener/Waterloo. Our cats are placed in our volunteer foster homes to await their adoption, which is why foster homes are such an important part of TCR’s program. Each foster home space that we have available represents one more cat that we can assist. All of our volunteers are important, but without foster homes and adoptions, we would not be able to rescue any cats. Our foster homes are always full because there is an endless need for them!

Important questions to ask yourself before you decide to foster for Toronto Cat Rescue:

Will you be able to spend quality time with the animals? On average, it is best to spend at least 2 hours a day with your foster animals. Socialization can be as important as feeding them and keeping them clean.

 Can you commit to bringing them to veterinary appointments as required? We ask that you provide your own transportation to these appointments. You will also be required to possess a cat carrier before receiving your first foster cat.

Are you aware that most of the cats in our foster program have varying degrees of health or behavioural concerns?  We primarily rescue cats that are not suited for adoption from shelters because they are ill, injured, scared and shy.  The cats we rescue are the ones at greatest risk for euthanasia.

Are you willing to work with our veterinary care system? Please understand that only our partner vets can treat foster animals and all vet procedures require authorization from Foster Coordinators.

Are you able to separate our animals from your own? Foster animals should remain isolated from your resident pets to prevent the potential transmission of disease.

 Can you commit to spending the entire foster period with the animal? Your foster period may range from two weeks to several months.

 Do you feel comfortable explaining to friends that these cats are not yours to adopt out and that they must go through the regular adoption process at TCR? All potential adopters are required to speak with one of our adoption counselors before they are permitted to take a cat home.

Will you be able to relinquish the animals at the end of the foster period? It can be difficult to let go once you have become emotionally attached. Most foster animals are moved to our retail adoption partner locations once they are ready for adoption. Of course, foster parents are permitted to submit an adoption application for their foster cat.

 Are you emotionally prepared to handle the death of one of your foster animals? This can be very difficult, but the sad truth is that it sometimes happens, especially with kittens.

 We always need Foster Homes for cats or kittens! If you are interested in literally saving and making lives better become a TCR foster parent.  If you would like to join our Foster Family, please fill in our Foster Application today!

Holiday Shopping That Makes A Difference

websitebanner-ugly_holiday__58164Toronto Cat Rescue’s online shop has exclusive TCR merchandise available for purchase, with all proceeds benefiting our rescue cats! Ships worldwide, or may be picked up from our Volunteer Centre in Toronto.

If you are looking for cool shirts for all ages, stocking stuffers, tote bags, magnets, buttons, cat toys and mats – look no farther! Do you have to buy a cat lover a gift? We have you covered! Young, old, female, male, feline? We have something for everyone… and all proceeds go towards helping rescue cats in need.

Happy Shopping:

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…


Hector is a clever boy who takes a bit to warm up to you, though it’s worth the wait (and he may wait on the heater!). He is gentle and affectionate, and adores napping on any soft surface he can find. Hector is a great companion for other cats and can be found enjoying a nap with a pal on a sunny day. Hector can’t wait to be part of your family, and win your heart!


Adopt A Cat In Time For The Holidays!


Time to add a feline to your family in time for the holidays… and always! Join us in-store for an adopt-a-thon with Wag on Danforth in Toronto on Saturday, November 26th (10am – 4pm)! Fabulous felines (like Ti-Mè) will be there waiting to meet you, and win your heart!

Our adoption fee at the event only is $100 (vs. the standard $175 adoption fee) for cats and kittens over 8 months of age, and $175 for kittens under 8 months of age – payable by cash only. Our fee includes: spay or neuter, vaccination (receive a rabies vaccination, if age appropriate) and includes 6 weeks of free pet insurance. For City of Toronto residents, the adoption fee includes a mandatory City of Toronto cat license that is valid for one year.

Wag On The Danforth, Toronto: 1918 Danforth Ave / (647) 349-8263 /

REMEMBER: When you adopt a kitty from Toronto Cat Rescue you save two lives; the one you adopt and the one you make room for!