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Gogo needs a friend… and gets a surprise kitten!

Gogo is a very shy fellow who is in TCR’s care trying to be brave again. When his caring foster family was told that fostering a second cat might help Gogo come out of his shell, they welcomed Jinxy into their home… and ended up welcoming the first kitten of 2018 to be born in a TCR foster home into the mix as well. 

Written by TCR Volunteer Foster Parent: Laura Spillane

I decided to foster Gogo as I have always had a soft spot for orange boys and when I heard he was really withdrawn and practically shut down, I thought I could give him a gentle home, with lots of tickles and time to find his furry feet again (quite literally as he never walks anywhere!). Three weeks in and we were definitely building a trustful and understanding relationship, especially when roast chicken was on the menu, but he still wasn’t exhibiting any kind of cat-like behaviour.  It had taken him all this time to courageously roll onto his back for a tummy scratch and then suddenly remembering he shouldn’t be enjoying himself and cramming himself back into the smallest ball a large orange Tom cat can make, his general position, with his face hidden. Goodness knows what has happened to this boy in the past, but it was very, very bad.

TCR suggested I take another friendly cat on to see if they could bring Gogo out of himself a bit more and help him remember that cats are curious and playful creatures, who are generally fascinated by the world around them. Welcome Jinxy to the home.  She had been surrendered by her owner as she was living in a garage along with a number of other cats. She has a petite little face with wonderful orange eyes, huge long legs, beautifully manicured toes and an awesome purr. She had been at the TCR Volunteer Centre for a few days and had been quite shy, hiding under her cat bed, or anywhere she could find to crawl into.  

I got Jinxy home and let her out into the foster room. I had blocked off under the bed and any chest of drawers (as I had spent many days with a previous foster lying on the floor trying to tempt him out), but after exploring her new habitat she was desperate to get under something, so managed to squeeze under the bedside table between two large cushions and there she stayed, thrusting her feet and face out at me when I went in to see her and purring hugely, but other than that she was happy to be hidden away and I thought it best to leave her to settle in for a few days, so I replaced the cushions with a lower, warmer cushion and let her get on with it.

29214125_10155588060558520_5825372553199751467_nMarch 9th: As we were going to see “Red Sparrow” at the cinema and had arranged to meet friends beforehand, I said to my  husband: “I will just pop down and sit with the cats for a bit before we go”; as was my normal routine before we leave the house for any length of time. I had been in the room, crouched down talking to Jinxy under her bedside table, (with Gogo asleep on the bedside table up above) when she started making a strange noise – at first I thought she was sneezing, but it got louder and louder – clearly she was in pain, so I slid the cushion out with her on it. By this point she was screaming (I had never heard a cat make that kind of noise before!) she was clearly dying and very soon – I emailed one very knowledgable TCR volunteer and rang another – trying not to panic I said “she must go to a vet immediately”. As I was talking on the phone, I was feeling Jinxy all over to see if I could spot anything visibly wrong with her – nothing wrong at all.. but a tiny black kitten was clearly making an entrance! Jinxy looked a little shocked at this surprise package, but soon got on with her motherly duties, which is amazing as she is just a kitten herself really.

At this point my evenings entertainment became far more interesting than the cinema, she was bound to have more kittens and I was waiting excitedly for the next arrival. Nothing. After half an hour, Jinxy was looking relaxed and had cleaned herself and the baby up and I had a feeling this was it, just one kitten – how unusual and what a blessing. I found towels and cut up a fleecy throw, filled up fresh food and water for Jinxy and left the new family to get to know each other. The kitten has been named Sparrow, because I missed Red Sparrow, but wouldn’t have missed the start of this brand new life for the world!

March 16th: Feet like shovels, ears and nose much less squashy and Sparrow has developed a crackly purr. Jinxy is a great mum, highly attentive and leaving the box for longer each time now, as she starts to find her way around the house, so much has happened to this girly in the last few weeks, she has done amazingly well. Gogo, still generally finding he wants to hide from this thing called life though he has started to enjoy pats (but I have to bring him out, he wont come on his own). I pray that when Sparrow starts running and jumping and swinging off him he will start to enjoy life again. Foster mum is exhausted from a week of broken nights, but has worked many little miracles for these three lucky felines.

If fostering is something you are interested in doing, please fill out TCR’s online application form today! Kitten season has started!

Local Girl Bella Needs Your Help

bellaSweet Bella is a gentle, loving princess who likes to take it easy and relax on the couch whenever possible. She loves to sit right beside her humans, and will happily let you pet her for hours. Bella wakes up from her naps to play with her favourite toys (the yo-yo and laser mouse!). She likes to be mischievous and drink from any water cup she can find, and will tip the cup over while looking right at you. She is a very saucy entertainer who will put a smile on your face every day. Once Bella opens her heart up to you, she bonds like no other.

Bella has had a rough go of things from a medical perspective. Thanks to generous support from TCR supporters, like you, she has received the medical attention she has needed. She has had multiple operations over the past year. The most recent was a surgery to remove an obstruction, which has left her with a big incision scar. Thankfully Bella is recovering in the care of her loving foster family, and is finally feeling much better! Bella is on the mend, but the bills have mounted to nearly $10,000. We all hope (Bella included!) she doesn’t have to endure any more trips to the vet for awhile.

donateWe are reaching out for your help to make sure Bella has the care she needs to live a full and happy life. Toronto Cat Rescue covers the veterinary bills for all the cats in our care. With your support, we can ensure that we don’t have to turn any cat away because of high medical expenses. Did you know that TCR spends over $500,000 every year on vet bills, from neutering and vaccination to major surgeries, like Bella’s? We rely on the generosity of donors like you to help save cats every day. Please consider giving generously to help Bella and other cats like her. Thank you!

Introducing Houdini and Einstein!

Houdini and Einstein are two handsome, brown tabby brothers who are seeking their forever home… and they are as special as they look! Please open your heart and home to these little dudes today.

“Houdini and Einstein here, and yes we are as smart as our names lead you to believe! We are biological brothers who have been together since the day we were born and hope to stay together til the end of time. 

We were recently diagnosed with Feline Leukaemia (FeLV), but don’t let that worry you we are both very happy, healthy, big 9 month old kittens.

FeLV is only in cats and cannot be passed onto other breeds of animals in the home. Other cats can contract FeLV through blood and saliva, so we can only be adopted into a home without other cats, or cats with FeLV. We both love dogs – big and small! The parrot in our foster home is our very own “cat TV” that we like to watch all day long. So far all the animals we’ve met we’ve really liked, so we’ve never had a reason to get angry at anyone. 

We have shown no signs of illness (we only found out because our mom got sick). We can live for many years symptom free and we’d be happy to teach you all of our amazing wisdom; like how we can climb to the top shelf of your linen closet and sleep among your towels while you run around the house looking for us. We both love hide n seek. Neither of us are really into snuggling during a movie, or curling up beside you on the couch. As like most intellectuals we’re both introverts and prefer our quiet alone time. Wherever there is a window letting in the sunshine is where you’ll find Houdini. The highest, softest perch in the house is where you’ll find Einstein giggling watching you run around looking for him. 

We are really excited to join our forever family… will it be you? We sure hope so! Purrs, and love!”

The boys were born August 1, 2017, and have been neutered and vaccinated. To adopt, call TCR 416-538-8592, press #1, fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.