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TCR relies on volunteers to foster cats in their homes until a cat lover adopts them. Having a network of Foster Homes allows every cat in our care to be part of someone’s home. It gives a rescued cat a chance to adapt to living with a family, sometimes with other cats, dogs and/or children.

On average, we have 300+ cats available for adoption, see our Available Cats.

With over 100,000 homeless street cats in Toronto, TCR is very active in the Feral Cat community. We support and educate our volunteers in the care and feeding of feral cat colonies and support TNR(M): Trap, Neuter, Return, Monitor efforts.

Toronto Region Philosophy

Toronto Cat Rescue’s main rescue partner, in the Toronto region, is Toronto Animal Services (TAS).  TCR focuses our efforts on rescuing from TAS to reduce the number of feline companion animals euthanized in the City of Toronto shelters.  This initiative supports the city’s movement toward eliminating the euthanasia of any healthy or treatable cat housed in Toronto shelters.  TCR rescues cats that are ill, in need of extra care or socialization, orphaned, geriatric, and/or do not thrive in the shelter environment.  By rescuing these cats, treating them for any ailments they have, and preparing them for adoption, we are saving them from potential euthanasia and giving them a chance at having a forever home.

Through this partnership, it is safer for owners and rescuers to bring their cats to the shelter without fear of them being euthanized if they become sick or do not thrive in the environment.  If owners and rescuers feel comfortable taking their cats to TAS, we will have fewer cats suffering on the streets of our city, thus reducing the pressure on rescue groups and independent rescuers.  We hope that this direction gives us the power to drive change in a positive direction for cats in need and the rescue world in Toronto.  

In the GTA, TAS cats are our priority.  They are rescued and placed in foster care first.  If we have space to rescue more from other organizations, we will.  In the past year, we have rescued from Humane Society International (HSI) and SPA in Quebec and London Animal Control Centre (LACC).  We are also open to assisting with disaster relief when we are able.  Because the TAS cats we take often have complicated health issues or behavioural issues, rescuing from these different locations allows us to utilize foster homes that cannot accommodate TAS cats.  In addition, we often require that cats from these other sources come vetted which allows us to save our resources for the cats we take from TAS.

TCR works hard to ensure that all the cats in our care are healthy and ready for adoption to reduce the number of cats on the streets and in shelters.

KW Chapter Philosophy

Our Kitchener-Waterloo (KW) chapter of Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) is connected but distinct from the Toronto region.  The KW chapter operates with many of the same policies and procedures as the Toronto region but has its own rescue philosophy.  The rescue network in the KW area is not yet as developed as the Toronto region making it more difficult to establish strategic partnerships, though it does not prevent us from making a significant difference in the area.  The KW chapter has an established rescue partnership with a local shelter and has connections with many other individuals in the rescue community who we support.  KW is dedicated to helping cats from many sources including: barns and rural settings, stray cats, and people who surrender their pets.

Similar to the Toronto region, the KW chapter will also rescue from organizations like Humane Society International (HSI), SPA in Quebec, and London Animal Control Centre (LACC) when possible and necessary.  The KW chapter is also open to assisting with disaster relief when we are able to help.  

Through KWCC (Kitchener Waterloo Community Cats), TCR has implemented a community run Trap Neuter Return Manage (TNR-M) program for the region of Waterloo. Through this project, caretakers of unowned cats, stray cats and barn cats may be eligible for access to free spay/neuter services. TCR will take cats into our foster program through this initiative wherever possible.  

The KW chapter of TCR works hard to ensure that all the cats in our care are healthy and ready for adoption to reduce the number of cats on the streets and in shelters.

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