Tucker *adopted*
Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB November 1, 2010.

Tucker was rescued from the streets of a rural community, and placed in the care of a loving TCR foster home. This gorgeous boy has completely stolen his foster mom’s heart!! Tucker has adjusted amazingly well to his busy foster home. He adores the older children, enjoys the company of the other laid back cats and is extremely fascinated by the family’s yellow lab.

Tucker is a sweet gentle cat that is enjoying the easy life of an indoor kitty. Instead of worrying about the dangers of cars, coyotes, starving or even freezing to death; this orange and white cutie spends his days lounging about on the sofa or sitting on his favourite window sill happily watching the world go by. He seems to sense he is now safe indoors and has no desire to go anywhere near the front door. He is a very relaxed and easygoing boy but Tucker is still a bit of a silly kitten who loves to play; he chases his little mice and balls all over the house and has a ton of fun scratching at his post. Tucker has the most wonderful table and counter manners and uses his litter box with perfection.

Tucker is a beautiful companion cat who loves being close to his family. He has the sweetest little meow and the most endearing personality. It is quite evident that at some point in his young life Tucker was mistreated. This gentle soul is quite head shy meaning he gets a little anxious about your hand being to close to the top of his head. It is as if his previous owner would swat at him. This fear doesn’t stop Tucker from soaking up all of our lovin’ as he simply manouvers his body so our hands reach his back or side. Tucker is incredibly affectionate and soooooooo trusting. Despite everything he has been through Tucker is simply a lover… his foster family have never seen or heard him hiss, bite or scratch.

Tucker loves to rub against your legs and is quick to roll on his back for never ending belly rubs! His foster mom loves to see him settle in with his cozy blanket and watch his little paws knead the softness of the fleece. He looks so happy and content. He gives gentle kisses and loves to cozy up beside his family for quiet time!! Tucker is a very handsome masculine boy that has had a very rough start to his young life. Tucker is a very special, resiliant cat that truly deserves to have all of his kitty dreams come true. Tucker will do best in a home where he will have some laid back feline siblings to play and cuddle up with. He will also so great with gentle dogs and older children.

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