Jewels Wants to be Your Precious Gem!

JEWELS HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! Jewels was found in horrific living conditions in a home with fifty other cats. Emaciated, covered in fleas which left scabs and open sores on her body, pregnancy and very sick. The home had no litter pan, and Jewels suffered from urine and fecal burs to all pads of her feet. The day Jewels came home to her foster moms she was very quiet an allowed them to clean her weeping wounds. While sitting on the bathroom floor, Jewels put both her paws around her foster mama’s necks… Read More

Adopted: Stunning, Bright Eyed AMBER!

Amber is a very unique looking girl with a gorgeous tortoiseshell coat. In spring 2012 she was living outside at a gas station, heavily pregnant with nowhere safe to have her kittens, when one of TCR’s fosters brought her home. That night she delivered six healthy, adorable little ones in the bathtub! Amber was an excellent mom, and since her kittens all found happy homes she would like a forever home to call her own. Amber is very sweet, but since she had to grow up quickly and learn to fend for… Read More

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