Two more hoarding situations – these cats urgently need your help!

Another hoarding situation and Toronto Cat Rescue needs your help.

Needed: Loving Forever Families

97 lives. That’s how many cats Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) volunteers thought were living in an overcrowded Toronto home in desperate need of rescue over the holidays. As rescue efforts began, however, the cats were recounted and we soon discovered that we had taken on our largest rescue mission ever. The final count revealed a total of 120 cats and infant kittens living in a home that was less than 700 square feet. Many of the kittens were severely malnourished and despite our best efforts, a few did not survive. And yet… Read More

Your Help Is Needed To Save 120 Lives

Foster Homes, Adoptive Families and Donations Desperately Needed! 120 cats out of a total of 120 in an overcrowded home have been rescued so far. Please consider opening your doors to a cat in desperate need. If you don’t have the space or time to take in one of these cats, donations are also urgently needed to cover the approximately $15,000 in veterinary bills the cats will incur. You can make a difference today! On November 16th, four TCR volunteers assessed a very overcrowded, small home. The home is approximately 700 square… Read More