Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB May 2, 2011. Suzie is a short haired gal who is completely black with a small white patch of white fur on her neck. Suzie is a playful cat who is looking for a forever home. She enjoys sun bathing when the sun comes through the window, so if you are ever looking for her, you can certainly find her laying on ground taking in the sun! She loves to take afternoon naps in your bed, but if the bed sheets are a mess, she’s not going to sleep on them!

Suzie greets you at the door when you come home, you will always see her there to welcome you. She is still learning to play fetch properly… in other words, she will chase after the ball but she won’t bring it back yet. Suzie loves to play ball and play with a string. She is a fairly active cat who loves to play a lot – just as much as she likes to watch birds outside and fish in the fish tank.

She adores it when someone brushes her and gives her affection through out the day. Although, Suzie is an independent cat, she comes to you for affection and love. She isn’t a shy cat and greets everyone at the door. However she doesn’t get along with other cats and dogs and hates the vacuum cleaner. She does have a tendency to bite, however it is only for attention.

She would do well in a household that has a small family of two, or even a larger family of four. Suzie also has very good timing for a cat. When she gets used to your schedule she will understand that when everyone goes upstairs to bed, it’s her bedtime too and she will sleep through most of the night at the foot of your bed. But when you have to get up in the morning for work, she will be there sitting on top of you getting you up. She is very sweet cat who loves to play hide and seek and certainly deserves a forever loving home. If you are looking for a cat who is independent and loves to cuddle for afternoon naps, or even enjoy some time sitting outside, this is your girl!

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