Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB March 1, 2008. Surfeara is a beautiful little white cat who had a rough life before being rescued. She was abandoned and neglected within her own home. Locked in the basement by herself, she was left by her family day in and day out. A few of our volunteers found out the kind of miserable life this poor cat was living and offered to take her from the family. It was good timing as the family was planning on taking a vacation and leaving her alone without anyone to care for her. When she was rescued, she went straight to the vet to be spayed and it was discovered she had an infection!! She is lucky she was rescued as this infection surely would have gone untreated. Now safe in a TCR foster home, she has taken some time to understand that her foster family is loving and caring. She now comes out of hiding regularly and has started to trust her caregivers. She comes when she is called and is loving and affectionate. She is just learning how to play again. Surfeara is a true rescue story. Without the help of some caring volunteers, she would still be stuck in a basement with no one caring for her. She would do well in a home with patient adults. Surfeara is a lovely little girl who is ready for her second chance.

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