Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB February 15, 2012. Meet the beautiful Star! She has been in a TCR foster home for almost 2 years now. Star was originally rescued along with her siblings Magic and Wish from an animal control pound. Both Magic and Wish were quickly adopted but the same has not been true for Star. Still she waits for her forever family. Star is a truly funny cat. If you are content to sit back and watch her, she will entertain you. She plays and plays all by herself for hours, chasing balls and toy mice, and running up and down the hall playing a game that looks like tag. Her absolute favourite game in the world is “the changing of the sheets on the bed”. Wherever in the house Star is she always hears her foster mom get ready to put clean sheets on the bed, and she comes running into that room and jumps up on the bed. She likes the sheets to be put on the bed with her under them. Her foster mom makes the bed with Star in it and then they play a game of catch while Star is under the sheets. After a few minutes Star comes out and stretches out on the bed for a big cuddle. She loves to be pet and rolls on her back for a belly rub. She melts and purrs when you pet her tummy. Star is a pretty girl, very sweet and totally unassuming. She is happy for attention and is always around the action in her foster family. She adores other cats and chirps at the two male cats in her foster home – making sure to keep them in order. She is often found curled up with them for a long winter’s nap! Star lives with 2 dogs and a child in her foster home and is okay with both of them. Please help Star find her forever family this holiday season!

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