Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB May 1, 2012. Ricky, Petey and Pavlova are three siblings who were rescued from an unsafe outdoor rural setting and are very happy to be indoors where they are safe and loved. They are shy with new people, and are great with other cats, but not with dogs or children. They love playing with the other cats in their foster home, and their favourite toy is the laser pointer. They also enjoy sunning themselves in the windows and watching for birds and squirrels. All three are quite chatty, with vocabulary ranging from tiny mews to a raspy chirp. They are also very affectionate and like spending quiet time on the sofa with their foster mom.

Ricky is a charming high energy little guy. One of his favourite games is to lift up the corner of rugs or blankets and lay partly underneath, waiting to pounce on the other cats as they pass by, or just relaxing for a nap. He is small for his age, but has a big personality!

Petey is the biggest of the three, with a sweet, affectionate personality. Although he is quite playful, he is more interested in cuddles than play.

Pavlova is petite and looks like a dainty little girl, but loves to join in games of chase with her brothers or foster siblings. She enjoys going to the top of the cat climber and getting kisses from her foster mom as she walks by.

They would love to be adopted into a home with each other or with other cats for playmates. They are still very shy of new people, but would thrive with patient adopters to help them continue to blossom into delightful little companions.

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