Raven & Phoenix

Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB April 15, 2009. Raven and Phoenix are sisters that do not have to be adopted together.

Raven is a laid back social character who is very excited to be adopted before Christmas – she is really hopeful! She has lots of love and entertainment to give. Once she has settled into her home (she may be bashful at first) Raven is playful, energetic and loves to play with her cat toys. This sweet dear has some cloudiness in her eye due to an eye infection she had before she was rescued, but this does not seem to faze her at all and it is merely scar tissue – it does not need treatment. Please don’t pass her by because of her eye.

Click here for her full bio and more cute pictures!

Phoenix has sent her letter to Santa and the only thing on her wish list is a home for Christmas! She is an easy-going girl that gets along well with other animals. She is quite laid back and calm, but enjoys playing too! She is not very demanding and fits well into any environment. She would like a playmate, but would be okay on her own with human companions as well.

Click here for her full bio and more cute pictures!

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  1. Hi! I plan on calling either tomorrow or Thursday, to see if I could adopt Phoenix. Just wanted to give you a heads up. : )

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