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Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB April 15, 2009. Raven has lots of love and entertainment to give. Once she has settled into the home (she may be bashful on first meeting), Raven is playful, energetic and loves to play with her cat toys. This sweet dear has some cloudiness in her eye due to an eye infection she had before she was rescued, but this does not seem to faze her at all and it is merely scar tissue – it does not need treatment. Please don’t pass her by because of her eye.

Raven gets along well with other cats and in her last home she was best friend to a small dog. She was recently returned to TCR with her sister Phoenix due to the adopter’s financial issues. Although the sisters make a cute pair, they are not bonded, so will be happy being adopted into separate homes – as long as they are super loving!

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