Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB June 7, 2012. Pingu is a very affectionate cat who will need some help coming into himself. He came from a 700 square foot home where 112 other cats also lived, so that’s probably to be expected. He’s been in foster care for a short time and has definitely warmed up to his caretakers, but is still quite shy and easily frightened by sudden noises. But he clearly likes affection, even if he’s nervous about getting it. We think he’ll be a happy and loving cat. He warms up to people quickly, but not immediately. He may hiss a little, but has never shown any other signs of aggression. After a day or so to himself to get used to his new home and observe his new humans as they go about their day, he will become incredibly affectionate when approached, purring and asking for chin scratches. Pingu’s ideal home is quiet. We are unsure if he will get along with other animals, but he should do well in a home with other cats based on his previous experience living in a multi-cat home.