Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB August 15, 2010. Penny arrived at her foster home in March 2012 and was VEEEERY pregnant. We welcomed 6 tiny babies and Penny proved to be an exceptionally good mom.

You see, Penny had never known human contact and was shy, and to be honest quite fearful of her foster mom.

Luckily there was not a vicious bone in her body, and with time she has become very much a part of our family. She always greets her foster mom at the door after work. She does not cuddle on her lap, but is always only a foot away. She rubs up against her and loves a hardy scratch on the head or back. She is very quiet, and so easy to feed. Of course with Toronto Cat Rescue you are assured that she has been spayed, had her vaccines and her rabies shot, and has had the best of care.

She lives with a small yappy dog, and other foster cats and we live in harmony.

It has been an amazing journey from complete distrust to “where’s my mom?”

In an ideal world, Penny will be spotted by a quiet single lady or gentleman and adopted into a warm and peaceful home. She will be a loyal and warm companion for many years to come.

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