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National Volunteer Week – Thank you Noni Vatish!

This #NationalVolunteerWeek, we are thanking volunteers all over Ontario who work tirelessly to help cats in need. Today, we say thanks to our Kitchen-Waterloo based foster parent – Noni Vatish.

I started volunteering with Toronto Cat Rescue nearly 10 years ago as a store volunteer. This was my way to help cats when I was unable to have a cat of my own. I thoroughly enjoyed that experience and quickly moved on to fostering cats and kittens in my home. Since then I have fostered countless kitties and in turn found a community with whom I share a common interest, loving cats. Being involved with this agency has been life-giving for both myself and those around me.

When I’m not volunteering with the rescue I am a Social Worker serving those who I consider to be the most vulnerable in society. The topic of my fosters and general involvement with Toronto Cat Rescue has helped me open so many doors with clients and for this I am incredibly grateful. Cats can unite people in magical ways and that’s why I feel so strongly about the work conducted by Toronto Cat Rescue.

National Volunteer Week – Thank you Jessica and Mike!

This #NationalVolunteerWeek, Toronto Cat Rescue is saying Thank You from the bottom of our hearts to all of our volunteers across Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, and beyond. Today, we say thanks to both Jessica Groen and Mike Belley who are Toronto foster parents, taking care of cats in need in the GTA.

We are Jess and Mike and we’re foster parents with TCR. Its our job to provide temporary homes to cats before they are adopted out to their forever homes. Sometimes the cats come in with health issues that need taking care of, maybe they are undersocialised or extra scared; or maybe just aren’t ready to go to their home yet.

We think we have the best job in the world because when we are fostering, our home just feels like a never-ending feed of cute cat moments. The warmth and love that the cats bring into our home is reward in itself and we love having them around.

We started fostering with TCR around Christmas 2019 when there was an urgent hoarder situation. A friend of ours had adopted her cat with TCR and only had great things to say about the organization and its people. Our experience so far has been amazing – we are so lucky to be surrounded by such a passionate and supportive group of people. The people are not only awesome but organized and efficient which we feel gives their cats the best chance of success. We are so grateful to have found TCR and can’t wait for many more happy moments to come.

National Volunteer Week – Thank you Carol Lu!

This #NationalVolunteerWeek, Toronto Cat Rescue is thanking volunteers all over Ontario and the world. Without the work for our volunteers, TCR would not be able to do the work it does to save cats in need across Ontario and beyond. Today, we’re thanking Carol Lu, one of our exceptional volunteers from the Kitchen-Waterloo area.

I began volunteering with Toronto Cat Rescue in 2014. I started out as a General Inquiries Assistant and have transitioned to being an Adoption Screener and Volunteer Coordinator for the PetSmart Kitchener store in the Kitchener-Waterloo chapter of Toronto Cat Rescue.

I volunteer with Toronto Cat Rescue because I enjoy helping cats and people. As an Adoption Screener, nothing is more rewarding than being able to find a good fit for both the cat and the adopter! As a Store Volunteer Coordinator, the opportunities I get to grow and lead an amazing team of volunteers is priceless. Being able to work with like-minded individuals while meeting tons of cute kitties – what more could you ask for? 🙂

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