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Kitten Season Is Expensive!

It’s that time of year. Cats that have not been spayed become mama cats… fast! And there come the litters of kittens that have nowhere to go. Each of these kittens need shelter, food, litter, veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and then to be spayed or neutered! AND each of the mama cats needs to be spayed once she’s finished nursing her little ones. There are also little kittens without mothers that require bottle feeding every two hours, expensive kitten meal replacement formula, continuous watching and weighing.

It’s a busy time of year for shelters, humane societies and rescues. Some have to shut their doors because there is “no room at the inn”, and our phone starts to ring. Toronto Cat Rescue tries to help whenever we can, and we use our wide network of foster homes to create space for these wayward kitties. Our focus in Toronto are cats in need from Toronto Animal Services (TAS) shelters.  Recently we’ve taken in groups of cats and kittens from Quinte Humane Society, Georgina Humane Society,  a rescue in Port Colborne, and from the Quebec SPA. We have helped over 100 kittens and cats just from these rescue efforts alone!

Donate5These felines need your help. TCR spends about $125 per cat just on the essential vetting (spay or neuter, age appropriate vaccines, deworming, and a checkup). That doesn’t include the cost of speciality food, litter, driving to appointments, or any other medical issue that crops up — and there are plenty of those cases! Toronto Cat Rescue saves cats that otherwise have no place to go. Will you help? Donate now to help during this incredibly busy and expensive time. All the wee ones, and the mamas, will be forever in your debt.

Run With TCR!

scotiabanklogocopyToronto Cat Rescue is excited to purr-ticipate in its 8th year at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon – and we want you to join us!

This year’s event is taking place on October 21st, 2018 and as always, it features a 5K walk/run, a half-marathon, and a full marathon. Registration is now open and our team is ready to start working towards our fundraising goal of $30,000. Will you join our team today? 

Whether you are a seasoned runner, new to running, or just enjoy going for a walk or stroll for fun, there is an event for every level of fitness and experience. There is no pressure to be a professional runner – and we will provide support for our team members along every step of the way!

Like last year, we are offering to reimburse registration fees for the first 10 people to successfully register and fundraise $200, so registering early is key if you’d like to avoid the event registration fee.

Click here to visit our landing page to register. Your registration fee can also be reduced using one of the following discount codes:

  • Marathon or Half Marathon ($80): 18TCR42K
  • 5k ($40): 18TCR5K
  • 5k with Stroller ($50): 18TCR5ST

Do you have any questions? Please contact the event coordinator Liz Leia at for more info, fun graphics, and our fundraising package.

Can’t join the team? You can also donate and help us get a little closer to our goal! Click here to support the team.

Sometimes families are made, not born

Karla and BerloizTwo-year-old Karla was part of a large group rescued from Quebec. Upon arrival in Toronto it was discovered that Karla was pregnant. Sadly, despite being rushed to a vet clinic, Karla’s kittens did not survive. She spent some recovery time at the clinic then was moved to a foster home.

Karla had a rough time the first few days in her foster home. She was scared and confused, and she missed her kittens. Everything was strange; but her foster people were patient and kind. After a few litter box accidents, and a couple of days of being reluctant to eat, Karla began to relax and even enjoy pats and cuddles. However, she still spent plenty of time hiding under the bed.

A few days later, as “kitten season” hit with a vengeance, Karla’s foster home took in three orphaned kittens. As with all new arrivals to foster, quarantine had to be maintained. Karla was kept separate from the kittens.

Almost immediately Karla’s foster people noticed a change. She spent less time under the bed. Instead, she spent much of her time parked at the door that led to the kittens, chirping to them. The kittens would come to their side of the door and answer her. It was a long two weeks with Karla doing everything in her power to get through the door!

Finally, the door was opened. Karla marched straight to the kittens and began to bath,  snuggle and “nurse” them, despite not having any milk! Though the kittens needed human help with food, Karla took care of bathing and teaching them how to be proper cats. The kittens helped Karla heal and recover.

But that’s not the end… After a few days Karla actually began producing milk, though only in three of her nipples! The kittens were even fatter and happier.

But that’s not the end… A few days later, TCR received a litter of six orphans kittens. Was Karla up to taking care of them? Although not as enthusiastic as she was about the first three, she agreed to help. So many kittens still needed an awesome human to make sure they were all getting enough to eat, but Karla helped. Even the older kittens helped with bathing!

But even that’s not the end! Eventually Karla started producing even more milk with all of her nipples functioning! Amazing! They may not be related by blood, but this gorgeous bunch has decided to be a family!

Donate5You can help sweet Karla and all her kittens! Karla already has a significant veterinary care bill, and everyone will need their spay/neuter surgery and their  vaccinations. If you would like to donate to Karla and her many foster kittens’ care, please don’t hesitate to donate to the excellent cause today!