Toronto Cat Rescue

Rocky Urgently Seeks Home

Update: ADOPTED!

Rocky is a big lug – a pretty typical tom cat with a big loveable head! He was trapped late last week from a feral cat colony TCR is working with in Newcastle, Ontario. This boy, however, is anything but feral! He is cuddly, laid back and vocal – a real character! He doesn’t love being picked up but otherwise he is an absolute gem and he appears to be just fine with other cats as well, especially now that he is neutered.

Rocky has been neutered, vaccinated and treated for mites and fleas, and is currently healing from an injury on his ear.

Welcome – Toronto Cat Rescue Has A New Look!

Cutie Pie Tommy!

Hi Loyal TCR Supporters! As we are sure you have noticed, Toronto Cat Rescue’s website has received a face-lift.  Please take a look around and we hope you will enjoy reading the new home page blog.  Make sure you check out our adorable Adoptable Cats page, which is now searchable, making it easier for you to view our 300+ available cats.

As we know, cats are very entertaining, so we hope you subscribe or check back often!  Feel free to share your own fun, kitty-cat stories as well.  To subscribe just enter your email address in the top right hand column of the Home page, in the field directly above the “Sign me up!” button.

Wishing you lots of cuddles and purrs, and thanks for all your support!

Crème de la Crème

Caroline would love a treat (and a home)!

Cats love foods with a creamy texture. Most creamy textured edibles contain dairy and despite the archetypal image of the cat with the saucer of cream, dairy products are not a staple of the feline diet.

Cats are like lactose-intolerant people, they lack the enzyme needed to break down milk, and can get an upset stomach and/or diarrhea if they ingest milk in large amounts. However, in moderation, most cats can tolerate yogurt, so if you are having plain yogurt do offer your cat a teaspoon!