Toronto Cat Rescue

April Only: $250 Adoption Fee For Bonded Pairs!!!

For the month of April, all our bonded pairs will have an adoption fee of $250 per pair, versus our standard fee of $175 per kitty.

These sweet, sweet cats have been patiently waiting for loving families to adopt them, but with no luck (through no fault of their own – look at them, they are purr-fect!), so the volunteers of TCR want to help them get noticed and adopted!  This is a GREAT “deal” for the amazing cats listed below!!

Benefits of Bonded Pairs:

1. Thinking that that having two companion animals is double the work, think again! Adopting a bonded pair can actually end up being less work because they will play and keep each other company (and you don’t have to feel guilty when you leave the home!).  They will be on the same dining schedule, and you still have to clean the litter box whether there is one or two kitties in the home.

2. Avoid hissy fits: If you’re considering adopting two cats it’s much easier to adopt a bonded pair right away because a special introduction process may have to be followed when introducing a second cat into the family later on.

3. Bonded cats exhibit great lessons for children.  The kitties will teach the children the importance of loyalty and cooperation, as well as helping the kids understand sibling and animal relationships.

The Best Reason: You are giving two best friends a loving forever home together!  Double the purrs, double the fun!  Click on their individual names in the feature and read their whole bio and see more cute pictures!  Call today to adopt a bonded pair: 416-538-8592, press #1.

Drink & Be Merry!

Time to stock your bar!! Flat Roof Manor will be donating 50 cents per bottle of their Pinot Grigio and Merlot sold at the LCBO from March 27th to April 23rd to Toronto Cat Rescue!


“Baby No Neck” seeks forever cuddles!

Ivon has been adopted!

Hi. My name is Ivon, but my foster family calls me “Baby No Neck” because I am all muscle, and just the cutest cat they have ever seen.  I’ve been waiting more than a year for my forever home. I guess it takes a bit of time to find a special family for a special cuddle bear like myself. I’ve been waiting patiently but I would really like to find a permanent family soon.

His foster mom shares:
Ivon captures everyone’s heart with his incredible charm and friendliness. He has become the greeter of the house. He has the cutest meow and loves being picked up and held. He loves welcoming all the new cats coming in, and making them feel loved and pampered. Ivon may be adopted into a home with no other cats, or a quite chill cat friend to match his calm personality. Please be a “kitty hero” and give Ivon his happy ever after!

Sweet Ivon has been ADOPTED!!!  Amazing news for Ivon and his new family!