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Written By: Andrea J. – TCR Volunteer.

SafePet is a program that assists women with pets who are leaving abusive relationships. According to a 1998 survey done by the OSPCA, “48% of surveyed women who had left their abusive partner said that their pets delayed their decision to leave an abusive partner” and “61% of Ontario women who had left their abusive partner stated that their partners had brutalized or killed a pet.” Pets are not allowed in women’s shelters. Many women are faced with a devastating decision about what they will do with their pets as they are leaving an abusive partner.

SafePet was created in 2003, by the OVMA (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association), and has steadily expanded. The program works like this:

Emmy is a lucky girl who got her second chance, she hopes everyone does!

• A woman who has made a plan to leave makes contact with a women’s shelter (usually through assistance from groups like the Assaulted Women’s Helpline). The shelter, a SafePet participant, will access the program by contacting a participating veterinary clinic (for care up to two weeks) or in some cases, the animals are fostered in volunteers’ homes for longer periods of time.

• While the woman is staying in a shelter, her pets are cared for in these safe environments. In addition, if desired, the woman is able to maintain contact with her animals by visiting them in the neutral environment of a veterinary clinic.

• Pet Foster Parents can receive assistance in paying for food and pet care products from OVMA’s supportive industry partners.

• Once the woman is back on her feet again, her animals can rejoin her. This service is also completely confidential. The identities of the woman using the SafePet Program, or of the volunteers are never disclosed.

The SafePet program assists all kinds companion of animals — from pocket pets to cats and dogs. More foster homes are always needed. Foster homes can specify the type of animal they would like to assist, and for what duration of time they are able to care for the animal.

For more information about this program, please visit Pet Foster Parent applications can be downloaded from:

If you are a woman in a relationship that involves domestic violence, and you need support or assistance, contact the Assaulted Women’s Helpline: GTA:416.863.0511, Toll-Free:1.866.863.0511 TTY: 416.364.8762 Toll-Free TTY: 1.866.863.7868

Adopt Lovable Lug Nut!

Lug Nut will warm your heart!

Big lovable Lug Nut is a true hedonist. He lives for cuddles and head scratches and will happily twist himself into a million positions to assist you in reaching every inch of him. He is perfectly happy to lay splayed out on his back like a starfish if it gets his soft white belly rubbed.

Despite his size (he has an enormous head) Lug Nut is a gentle, passive guy that is easily intimidated by other male cats but could be persuaded to share his humans with a nice, friendly female cat. The big guy found himself dumped in a metal cage at a high kill shelter when his loving owner suddenly passed away and he was quite frightened by this new predicament. Luggy is fostered in a home with several males cats and two dogs and so he feels safer staying in a small room in the house.

Please open your heart and home to this big sweetie, he would love to have a home of his own to prowl around. 10 minutes spent petting Lug Nut does more to relieve the day’s stress than prozac and a pina coloda!  Lug Nut was born March 2005 and he is neutered, vaccinated and ready for his forever family to adopt him.

Update: Flat Roof Manor Promotion

Home of fine wine & a cat!

Between March 27th to April 23rd, cat lovers purchased Flat Roof Manor wine at the LCBO, so that 50 cents per bottle would be donated to Toronto Cat Rescue.   The promotion was a great success, with $2,625 being raised for the kitties!!  The support was so amazing that Flat Roof Manor ran out of stock!  Many, many thanks to everyone who purchased (and drank) a bottle of this lovely wine, and to Flat Roof Manor for making this wonderful promotion possible.