Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB March 2, 2009. Salma was in very rough shape when she first came to TCR with her babies (Berta, Chai and Earl Grey). She came from a horrible hoarding situation and being four years old, she has had more litters than we’d like to imagine. This girl is still thin and her coat is dull, but she’s a survivor! Now that her babies are weaned and she has been spayed, she is on the road to recovery. She resembles an Egyptian cat drawing – all leg and elegance! A bit more time of love and good nutrition will spring her back into a robust kitty with a shiny coat. Salma is very affectionate and loves to head butt her foster mom for attention. Clearly she has been starved for love in her past life. She enjoys playing with her kittens, especially Earl Grey – he’s a real mama’s boy! She has her quiet moments of solitude where she enjoys looking out the window. Salma gets along with other cats but would also love being the only spoiled kitty.

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