“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Colette

Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB October 14, 2009. Mommy gave birth to 3 little girls in a corn field in Plattsville in August, but knowing that was not a very safe place Mommy went to a house that left food out for stray cats. One by one she made the long trek to their porch with her precious cargo. Happily they were taken in, loved and cared for – it must have been heavenly to this sweet cat. When the girls reached the age of 8 weeks, they were adopted into their forever home, now it is Mommy’s turn.

When anyone looks at her they are mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and her thick soft coat. Mommy was even at an adopt-a-thon where she was paid a lot of attention. So you might ask why is she still not adopted? Mommy has learned that all she has to do is hiss and the people lose interest, and she gets to stay with her foster mom. Mommy knows she has a really good thing going at her foster home, and she’s no fool. Her foster mom promises that Mommy will adapt well in her new forever home, you just have to give her a chance to settle in your home. Her foster wants to make room in her home for the spring kittens that are coming, so she wants Mommy to find a home of her own. Mommy is really clean, she purrs a lot, and is meticulous about her litter box. She will want to sleep on your bed, and cuddle on the couch with you. Mommy has no problem with her foster family dog. Mommy adds: “Look at me, I’m gorgeous even if I say so myself”!

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