Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB March 27, 2006.

Moby is a sweet and sensitive guy! He was originally found as a stray and lived in someone’s home for a while, but that person was not able to keep him and called TCR. Moby has been in TCR’s care since Spring 2010. He was very nervous, but has bonded completely with his foster family. He loves getting brushed, rubbed and he purrs extremely loudly!

Moby soaks up any and all attention from his foster family, but he is very shy with new people. He is truly a gentle giant who is afraid of his own shadow! For this reason, Moby has a hard time when meeting potential adopters and has become a long-term foster cat.

He is a large cat and eats a veterinary diet recommended after he had urinary crystals. He adores food, but is on a strict regimen for his waistline! He looks forward to his afternoon pinch of catnip, rolling around and savouring his special treat!
As much as Moby is looking forward to eventually finding his very own forever home, in the meantime, he needs your support. Would you consider becoming his sponsor?

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