Mama Mia & Desperado

Desperado loves to be pet, and starts to purr immediately. Sometimes he purrs when he is looked at! He happily rolls around for belly rubs, loves to sit in a friendly lap and seems to have no threshold for “enough pets, already!”. His affection is uninhibited. Mama Mia is on the plump side, but is also very active. She really likes to play, and plays hard by herself and with other cats. She is especially partial to catnip mice and any kind of little ball that she can chase. Mia has been a perfect foster cat, in a multi-cat household. Desperado has developed quite a crush on Mia. He can be found grooming her, playing with her, or just generally hanging around her. Desperado and Mama Mia must be adopted together as it would just be cruel to separate them.

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