Neutered, Vaccinated, Declawed, DOB January 1, 2009. Mccoy is a big guy who just wants to be loved. He takes pride in himself and struts around as though he thinks he’s a king, he is sure to let you know what’s on his mind as he can be vocal. Mccoy is outgoing, he’s the type of cat who wants to be right in the middle of the action and he is curious about everything. Mccoy enjoys being around people but does not get along with other cats or dogs and he would not do well with children. Due to his weight Mccoy does not like to be picked up, he will also need to be on weight management cat food and have set meal times rather than free feeding. With a very laid back nature, Mccoy likes to relax; he will stretch himself out by a window waiting to be pet, Mccoy is a very sweet guy, once you start to pet him he gets the most content look on his face and begins to purr madly he even gives little kisses he positively glows while he basks in all the attention. Mccoy is an affectionate cat with a lot of heart, all he needs is a caring forever family to share it with.

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