Mama Mia

Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB December 15, 2008. Mia has a soft glossy coat, with an inverted orange V on her forehead and an orange ring around the tip of her tail, which is very pretty. She is not much of a talker except when she is waiting for supper. She will let you know that meals are quite important to her! Mia is a petite cat, who never lost the baby weight after she had her first litter of kittens (now in their forever homes).

She is on the plump side, but is also very active. Mia really likes to play, and plays hard by herself and with other cats. She is especially partial to catnip mice and any kind of little ball that she can chase. Mia has been a perfect foster cat, in a multicat household. She gets along very well with other cats, and lived with three dogs in her first foster home. She stands her ground firmly when she feels one of the male cats is getting a little too fresh with her!

Mia is a bit shy with people at first, but when you have broken the ice with her she is friendly and very affectionate with a big purr. She is still unsure about being picked up, but loves to be held. Mia is happy to sit on top of the sofa, behind her foster human’s heads when they are watching TV.

One of her foster roommates, Desperado, has developed quite a crush on Mia. He can be found grooming her, playing with her, or just generally hanging around her. He would love to be adopted with Mia. Mia seems to reciprocate Desperado’s feelings, but all the male cats in her foster household think she is swell! Desperado and Mama Mia must be adopted together as it would just be cruel to separate them.

Mia is very well behaved and has excellent litter box habits. Mia may be happiest in a household with another cat companion. She does make herself scarce when there is too much human commotion, so a quiet household will probably suit her best. She is not suited for a home with children. She is a stunning little cat with a wonderful personality who is ready for her loving forever home.

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