Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB May 1, 2012. Lindsay and her three siblings were rescued from an unsafe outdoor rural location and are very happy to be indoors where they are safe and loved. They are shy with new people, and are great with other cats, but not with dogs or children. These little cuties have a great time playing with the laser pointer, their own toys, each other, or any of the other cats in their foster home. They also enjoy sunning themselves in the windows and watching for birds and squirrels.

Lindsay and Lavinia are love cats! They frequently jump up on the sofa to get petted or sit in their foster mother’s lap, often giving cute little kisses, even though they do not like to be pursued or picked up.

Handsome Lenny is a fair bit bigger than his more petite sisters. He is quite playful and can be very eager when he wants affection. He is the least shy of the group, and has started to become more comfortable meeting new people.

Leona is also enjoys affection, especially if she is sitting somewhere higher up and out of the way of household traffic. Her newest trick is going up on top of the china cabinet, so she can look down and supervise everyone.

They would love to be adopted into a home with each other or with other cats for playmates. They are still very shy of new people, but would thrive with patient adopters to help them continue to blossom into delightful little companions.

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