Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB August 10, 2009. Kiki is an elegant female, with exquisite tortoiseshell markings in bright oranges, browns and blacks. She was rescued from a high-kill shelter and gave birth to one grey and one ginger kitten in October 2010. This beautiful, affectionate, intelligent lady has made herself completely at home from the minute she arrived at her foster home. She is calm and confident and ready to snuggle right into your neck while purring happily and being held. Kiki loves to ‘talk’ in her quiet way and is very good company.

Upon arriving at her foster home, the vet found that her pelvis had been broken before she came to her foster home. The healing process left the position of her pelvis pressing on her bowel and they believe that she may have partial paralysis in her bowel. She does not seem to experience any pain when touched, or walking/jumping, or held and seems quite happy.

Kiki does request special food that is affordable and can be purchased at the vet, Medical Gastro, canned or dry food. Unfortunately, she becomes malnourished and dehydrated if she vomits frequently so timed feeds with no access to any other cat or human food is necessary and she is a bit of a scavenger at times so must be monitored. In a home where she can be feed small amoutts a few times per day, is where she would thrive nicely. Her foster mom adds water to her wet food to make it more digestible and only give her small amounts of dry at a time. Her foster mom is very happy to speak to you more in depth about the lovely girl.

Kiki is a lovely, extremely friendly girl and compatible with other cats. She is delicate but strong willed so could do well in a family. She has lots of affection to give and loves a good conversation! Please give this sweet girl her forever home.

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