Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB June 1, 2007. Hi! My name is Jerome, and I am a very special boy who is sure to win your heart as soon as you meet me. Sadly, however, my winning personality has not been enough to land me in a home to call my own. I have been waiting in foster care for almost four years – and all because I am diagnosed with a virus that many people fear: FIV.

As I hope you already know, FIV is not nearly as scary as it sounds. I have been living with it for many years and am even able to live with other cats, as I am told it is only contagious through deep bite wounds and I get along so well with my fellow felines that I would never dare bite them! My virus does make me more susceptible to infection and dental problems, so this you should keep in mind before taking me home with you. I should be fed a healthy diet and you should maintain regular visits to the vet to monitor my dental health. My foster mom calls me “goober monster” because I do tend to slobber a lot; but that’s common for anyone who has lost a couple of teeth!

TCR recently treated my mouth for an infection and I am feeling much better. I took my medication with no fight at all, because really, I don’t have a mean bone in my body!

So now that you now more about my health, let’s talk about my purrsonality (pun intended – I love to purr!). My foster mom describes me as sweet and affectionate with zero aggression whatsoever. I do love human companionship oh so much! So don’t be surprised if I meow quite a bit at first if you ignore me! I love to watch TV with my human pals, or any other form of attention!

You must be wondering by now where I came from all those years ago when TCR first rescued me. I was living as an unneutered tomcat in the North-Central Toronto. I knew that some people were really nice and spent a lot of time on the porch of one nice lady, who eventually called TCR and said I needed to be rescued.

The rest was history… but sadly I still don’t know what it means to be in a stable home. I’ve had a few foster homes over the years. Can you give me the stability I am told I really deserve? I promise to fill your life with lots of wet kisses.

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