Rosalee & Indigo

Kitten season is starting again and these kittens from last year are still waiting for their forever home! Rosalee and Indigo are two very good looking, colourful, young ladies. Although they may be bashful on first meeting, they soon blossom into purring fluffy balls of fur!

One Comment on “Rosalee & Indigo

  1. For anyone considering adopting these sweet girls, let me tell you how wonderful they are! I had the honour of taking care of them when they were at PetSmart waiting for their forever home. They are so precious and when I returned for my shift and didn’t see them there, I had hoped so badly they had found their forever loving home! They’re a riot to watch together as they’re very playful and although shy at first, once they settle in and trust, they love to be snuggled. You can’t go wrong with these two sweet girls. They have a whole heap of love and laughter to offer. 🙂

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