Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB February 1, 2007.

Henry is a beautiful white and brown cat, with super soft, medium length hair and a long plume-like tail. He is a lovable, affectionate cat with a somewhat laid back nature. He welcomes all visitors, and enjoys being petted by anyone who will take the time to do so.

A true gentleman, with impeccable manners, he aims to please, coming to you frequently for attention. His claws are always in, and when he wants you he just gives you a gentle tap on the arm. Although he rarely scratches anything, when he does, he uses the scatter rug, not your carpet or furniture. He always uses the litter box and keeps himself immaculately groomed.

Picture-taking when Henry is not resting becomes a game for him. See him in a cute pose, get the camera, and he immediately comes over to you, walking around and between your legs. The pictures do not do him justice. Although a large cat, he is definitely not overweight!

His favourite pass-times include hiding in a box, looking out the window, being petted, sleeping and playing with his toys. He often goes to his toy box to pick out his favorites; currently these include ones he can pick up in his mouth and carry like a mouse, ropes, honeysuckle or catnip pillows. He also enjoys looking out the window to see what is going on outside.

Henry loves to be around you; he’ll sit on a chair in the kitchen and watch you cook; give him a chair beside your computer and he sits quietly while you work, loving all the pets while you wait for the internet to respond. Give Henry a chance and let him warm your heart!

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