Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB November 2003. Emma is a beautiful striped brown, white and black tabby cat. Sadly, Emma ended up in a foster home when her first human caregiver no longer wanted her after having a baby.

Emma is a very gentle and sweet cat though she is timid with strangers. Once she warms up to you, she is affectionate, responsive and interactive and will let you communicate her desire for affectionate with a meow, big purr and by rolling on her back for a tummy rug. Emma would love to snuggle up with you at bedtime. She enjoys playtime; her favourite toys are the cat dancer and dangling string. She is also amazing at catching bugs! Emma needs a patient home that will allow her to adjust to her new environment and her new caregivers. Once she gets to know you, she will be a loving companion.

Emma has lived with her sister Aja all her life but they are not bonded the way they once were so they could be adopted separately. Neither has experience with other animals. A quiet home without young children would be best for Emma.

Emma was recently diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. The condition is manageable and kitties with this condition can live for many happy years with proper monitoring, diet and care. Please open your heart to this special needs girl.

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