Neutered, Vaccinated, Viral tested negative, DOB March 2008. Desperado was an emaciated stray who appeared on a TCR volunteer’s doorstep just before Christmas. His demeanor was so desperate that he seemed feral. He ate any food left out for him, trembling with fear and shaking with the cold. He moved into an insulated shelter with a heating pad, and began to stay close to the friendly house. He grew braver and braver until one day he began to persistently meow at his feeder, and the next day started to eat treats from her hand, purring and rubbing. He was not feral at all, but another terrified cat who had been abandoned outside in the dead of winter. Desperado adjusted quickly to life inside again – “What a relief!” he thought.

Desperado loves to be pet, and starts to purr immediately. Sometimes he purrs when he is looked at! He happily rolls around for belly rubs, loves to sit in a friendly lap and seems to have no threshold for “enough pets, already!”. His affection is uninhibited. Desperado is very gentle with his claws and teeth, even when he is excited about a treat. He enjoys being vigorously combed, loves chin scratches and neck rubs, and can’t get enough cat nip – ever!

Desperado is shy around loud voices and is hesitant about meeting new people. It takes a little bit of gentle work to earn his trust, but when you have it he is a loving cat with an amazing personality. Desperado is happy to socialize with female cats, and laid back male cats. He has bonded with his foster mate Mama Mia in his foster home and must be adopted with her. He is not suited for a home with children.

He is a bright orange spotted tabby, with a dollop of white on his throat, chest and feet. He has a constellation of cute freckles across his nose and lips. Desperado is very small for an adult male, with a huge tomcat head. Desperado would love to move into his forever home, where he will give you his entire happy heart.

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