Delightful Daisy

Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB June 8, 2011. This beautiful little girl, true to her name is a total delight! She has tons of energy; she’s bold, adventurous and full of silly kitty antics! Daisy has discovered her tail (which is incredibly long) and she entertains everyone with her tail chasing game – herself most of all. Daisy is super affectionate (particularly when there is food to be had), but she’s not especially fond of being picked up. When she’s in the mood be prepared to have a snuggler in bed with you at night!

Daisy had a serious eye infection as a young kitten and her left eye has some scar tissue but, thankfully, her vision does not appear to have been impacted. Daisy is such a courageous gal that she’ll do well in any environment, but we think she’d be happiest if she has a kitty companion.

Be prepared to fall in love with this incredibly gorgeous gal’s striking good looks and luxuriously soft coat. You’ll be absolutely smitten with her kitten ‘chirp’!

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