*adopted* Cindy & Mary Lou

Brown tabby goodness!! Cindy and Mary Lou were rescued from beside trash containers in a townhouse complex. They were seen scavenging the garbage for food. Lucky for them they were scooped up by their foster family and are now safe and happy (and well fed!). Cindy is Mary Lou’s protector and best friend – they are sweet, little girls with the biggest, brightest eyes. Make sure you click their profiles for their awesome videos!

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  1. cindy and mary lou are definately real sweethearts- they’re still a little shy in the store environment, and they had a bit of a wild start to life, so you should probably expect them to be ‘under the bed’ shadow-cats for a day or so in a home environment, just like any new arrivals to a home (they may not be that way at all, but it’s good to have the possibility in your head- so it’s not a suprise if they are a little uncertain to begin with, and you don’t start to second-guess yourself and worry!).

    you should also be prepared for little mary-lou to give the odd half-hearted ‘don’t mess with me!’ hiss if she’s suprised by your appearance or feels you’re invading her comfort zone a smidge. thats all she’ll do though- it’s all bluster, no substance- definately no claws. mary-lou is obviously really all talk- with her whispered grumbles and feeble attempts at a ‘tough streetcat’ mouth, combined with her big eyes and delicate facial structure, she’s very obviously just a little elfen scaredycat who feels rather vulnerable but desperately wants affection, underneath it all- she really thrives on a calm gentle approach, and consistancy- she looks to chubby-cheeked cindy a lot for cues, and carefully reads situations before deciding how to proceed. she’s a smart cookie, little mary-lou is.

    when i look after them in store, i tend to chatter away at her and cindy quite happily, and she just ducks down or goes to sit under the shelf and watches me change her water, scoop her litter, tidy her blankets, etc, while cindy sprawls out all over the place, then she starts to tune my voice out, then she stretches, comes back to bed and nods off, and within 5 minutes we’re completely fine- and before she knows it, she’s getting stroked senseless. once they’re settled down and relaxed, and have decided that you’re no threat- just big and noisy (maybe thats just me, though!), they’re both absolute suckers for a chinscratch and bellyrub. or six. and then they come back ten minutes later and demand a top-up petting as well.

    cindy especially isn’t backwards in getting lavished with affection- and loves tummytickles once she’s purring away quietly. mary lou tends to be more reserved and may step back to a place of safety initially, but she generally then decides that she’d actually quite like a piece of the petting action, and that nothing dreadful seems to be occuring to cindy- quite the opposite, infact, she seems to be loving it- then she comes sneaking back in for some love too, wedges herself into the bed beside -or more likely spilling all over the top of- cindy, and stretches out to get her own kitty massage from the nice people-hands. she’s such a cute slender thing, with way more tail than any cat deserves- it goes on for miles and miles and miles! they’ve both incredibly blessed in the tail dept, lucky girls!

    i really do envy whoever gets to be the final piece in the puzzle for these two young kitties, and see them into adulthood and old-age. they’ve come on in absolute leaps and bounds in the short time that i’ve known them, and they’re clearly gonna blossom into very well rounded and happy young ladies- they just need a gentle, patient, understanding parent to guide them through it- preferably one who knows how to coax out their tiny quiet purrs, and who will take the time to help them develop their clear potential to be wonderful snugglers and confident housemates. also one who takes pictures or writes the odd note to let us know how they’re getting along, hopefully! πŸ˜€

    • I’ve been known to be a bit of a “cat whisperer” so shyness doesn’t bother me. People who have cats that aren’t “people cats” are amazed to find theirs sitting on my lap, quite happily. Cats end up knowing they’ve got me under their thumb. I hope I can arrange a ride to meet them. It’s been very lonely without one in the home, but I needed some time to grieve. I’m not into “replacing”. Needed to grieve, but now it’s just getting to be too much, without a furry friend or two to come home to and love up.


      • that makes total sense- you’re not ready to bring a new friend into your life until you’re ready- and it should never be about replacing somebody- but about having some extra compassion, companionship, care and love to share. taking time to grieve is an important part of the healing process, it opens you up to being ready to love again.
        i hope you can get a ride too- maybe someone could volunteer to help you (alas, i have no car and am lousy at driving on the right-hand side of the road, or i’d volunteer). but whatever happens, i’m sure that whoever you end up bringing into your home and your heart will be lucky to have you, and vice versa. πŸ™‚

    • My avatar is a pic of my sweetie when she was about 16 0r 17 yrs. young. I got her from a rescue called Hobo Cat Rescue out of Meaford. The kind women who drove her down to Toronto for me, and ran that rescue told me she had been dumped by the breeders of Egyptian Maus because her colouring wasn’t “perfect”. She had both the caramel and silver striping and spots, and because her markings weren’t one or the other, she was dumped. Those cruel and greedy breeders feared the “imperfection” of this PURRFECT cat would harm their profit margins if it were known they had a kitten in the litter that wasn’t completely marked with one or the other colouring. How cruel and completely capitalistically greedy of these people. How anyone could just dump this beauty is beyond belief to me. She gave me 20 years less 10 weeks (when I adopted her) of unconditional love. I still miss her every minute of every hour of every day. At first, I thought it would like be like “cheating” on her to go out and get another cat or two. But I’ve come to believe that she wouldn’t have loved me so unconditionally for so many years, to just be miserable and lonely without another cat or two, for the rest of my life. And she seemed quite happy to share the love with my other cat that died about 15 yrs. ago. Along with two other cats that were taken in the “divorce”. She was once part of a 4 cat household. When my other cat died, we had each other to help with the grief of that loss. It was hard on both of us, but it helped that we had each other. I hope that if I am unable to get out there to meet and adopt these 2 beauties, that they are adopted by someone who loves cats at least half as much as I do. I’m so crazy for cats that when it comes to dating, just as smoking is a deal breaker, if you don’t like cats, that’s a deal breaker too. In fact, because an ex wanted to live with me, but was allergic to cats, we ended up breaking up. I was fine to live in separate apartments and still be a couple, but the ex wasn’t.
      I know it sounds crazy to some, but would a lover ask you to give up your child if they were allergic to the kid? I don’t think so. Besides, with the statistics of the longevity of relationships in this disposable modern age, the chances are, the relationship would have ended eventually anyway. Lovers come and go, but cats are unconditional in their love and most relationships last longer with a furry friend than with a human. Sad, but true. So I can assure anyone that I adopt from, that that cat or cats will be with me until the end of theirs or my own life, whichever comes first. It’s a commitment I take very seriously. And if I ever win one of those big lotteries, all the cat rescues would be first on my list of many NGOs for donations. You’re all such big hearted people and you remind me, when I’m feeling doubtful, that at the core of every human heart, is really a desire to be good. It’s just that not all of us, have the tools to effectively choose kindness and compassion over greed and cruelty. But I do believe, deep down (and for some it’s way way way deep down) we all want to be kind and decent people. It’s just that some have those tools needed, missing from their “toolboxes”.

      A big thank you to Jen, Stefania and everyone else at TCR for all the amazing things you do for these beautiful creatures of love. I’m glad you’re out there.


      • thankyou. πŸ™‚ i’m totally in agreement with you on everything you said. breeders really do break my heart-it’s just completely wrong on so many levels i wouldn’t know where to start.

        it sounds like your sweetie was an absolutely beautiful girl – both inside and out, and you’re right- she wouldn’t want you to be on your own, and i’m sure she’d feel very proud that you’re not going to keep your love locked up in a box with her name on it. it’s never cheating to love again- part of love means wanting peace and happiness for those you care about, and wanting to share all the wonderful gifts they’ve blessed you with.

        i’m sure that every kitty that ever was and is and will be, wants nothing but happiness and contentment for their friends and loved ones, and for their legacy to be one of purring, playing and petting, cuddles, kindness and compassion.

        ….’cos kitties are awesome like that. πŸ™‚

  2. I am very interested in these two. I lost my cat of 20 yrs recently, and it’s getting pretty lonely since I have had cats in my life since I was a young child and this is the first time since then, that I have been without cats in my life. Could you tell me what area of the city they are being fostered, as I will have to arrange a ride with someone with a car, should they be a little out of reach.


    PS. Thanks for all you do for these cats.

    • HI Jesse, We can’t edit the picture after posting as it is linked to your account somehow (very strange), but we have passed your note onto the Adoption Coordinators. You can always remove your comment, now that it is posted. VERY excited for Mary Lou & Cindy – they are adorable and will make excellent companions!!!! Two very cute, lovable girls!

    • Hi Jesse,

      I hope you checked out the videos on each of their pages- I took them about 3 weeks ago, so they’ve gotten even better now! Cindy is always protecting Mary-Lou, it’s adorable! Mary-Lou looovesss her treats and will come out of any safe spot to get them! The best part is seeing them snuggle together a bed designed for one; they both squeeze in there even though there are two beds! And they groom eachother too! It can’t get any cuter!

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