*adopted* Cindy & Mary Lou

Brown tabby goodness!! Cindy and Mary Lou were rescued from beside trash containers in a townhouse complex. They were seen scavenging the garbage for food. Lucky for them they were scooped up by their foster family and are now safe and happy (and well fed!). Cindy is Mary Lou’s protector and best friend – they are sweet, little girls with the biggest, brightest eyes. Make sure you click their profiles for their awesome videos!

12 Comments on “*adopted* Cindy & Mary Lou

    • yay! it’s been a bit of a wait for them, but i know they’re gonna be so happy! 🙂

  1. these two sweethearts are still snuggled up in trinity petsmart, brampton- they’re getting more and more friendly every day- they now stand at their doors and meow for our attention, and lay upside down with bellies in the air as if they haven’t a care in the world, while we clean up, tickle them, introduce them to small noisy children, and do our volunteering stuff. i REALLY hope they find a home soon…..

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