Desperate For Help: Volunteers Needed

Toronto Cat Rescue operates a “Help for Cats” (or “Line 3“) hotline for people inquiring about surrendering their cats, rescuing local strays or helping feral cats in their community. This helpline is one of the only ways that Torontonians can seek advice and assistance for their ‘cat problem’, and it is entirely volunteer-run. We are desperate for volunteers to help with this line.  If you are a self-motivated person who loves to help and offer advice about cats – this is the volunteer role for you!  You will have one shift per week where… Read More

Winter Cat Shelters

“… every cat requires and deserves shelter. Cats are not wild animals. They cannot dig dens as most non-climbing wild animals do. They do not shelter in tree holes, as most climbing wild animals do. They will not share ground dens with other species, as many wild animals do. Cats cannot build their own shelter, therefore it must be provided for them. In our opinion, there is absolutely no exception to this.” – American Cat Project The cats at the Corsetti Colony montiored by Toronto Cat Rescue volunteers would agree with the… Read More

Rescue In Action: Oliver & Twist

Written By: Bob M. I found Oliver and Twist, along with their three siblings, abandoned by their mom at a junkyard in Etobicoke. I heard little cries for help coming from underneath a huge storage container. I think that they were probably born within the previous 24 hours. I couldn’t see them at first because there was a large pipe blocking my view.  Once I moved the pipe, I could just see the kittens six to eight feet out of reach.  I was shocked at what appeared to be a ‘clump’ of kittens all together, but I… Read More