Project Velcro: Meet Geisha

TCR has rescued over 200 cats through Project Velcro, but one cat that has pulled at the heart strings of anyone who has met her is GEISHA. Geisha is a small five year old tabby girl, who had such a severe infestation of ear mites that they ruptured her eardrums leaving her with a significant head tilt. When Geisha was first rescued she did not move and did not use the litter box. It was not a matter of going outside the litter box, she was not able to go to the bathroom by… Read More

Project Velcro – Meet Velcro!

VELCRO is one of the most friendly and cuddly cats that you will ever meet! Named Velcro for her preference to “stick” to her humans, this girl is full of life and happiness! She is playful, confident, funny, and sweet. Her favourite hobbies include cuddling on the couch, purring, kneading with her paws, and playing with small toys. If you bend down to pick something up, she will likely jump on your back! She just wants to be close to her humans at all times. When hunting her toys, she often “trills” a… Read More

Rescue In Action: Project Velcro

Toronto Cat Rescue is embarking on one of our most challenging rescue missions yet. Dubbed ‘Project Velcro’, we are working with a rural no-kill shelter that is over capacity by 400 cats. These felines are at risk of being seized and euthanized.  It’s our goal to help as many of these cats as possible so that they may get needed medical treatment and a chance of living out a full life in a loving home. Please donate today to support this project. We hope to save as many of these cats as possible. But we need your help to make… Read More