Happy Halloween!

Halloween Feline Reminders: 1. NO Halloween candy for your fabulous felines, it will make them really sick.  If you want to treat them, give them their favourite cat friendly snacks or catnip.  Read more: Chocolate Toxicity in Cats and Dogs / For a gross Halloween cat themed treat for people, make a Kitty Litter cake! 2. Keep your cats indoors on the week leading up to Halloween, and of course on Halloween night itself – crazy things are known to happen! If you are already making the smart choice of keeping your… Read More

Adopt Your New Best Friend + Microchipping Clinic!

UPDATE: 7 cats were adopted: Platinum, Santino, Wheels, Molly, Bowie, Vincent and Morgan!  Very lucky boys and girls!! Join us Saturday, August 27th (10am – 5pm) and Sunday, August 28th (10am – 4pm) at Pet Valu Kingsway! Located at Royal York Rd. & Dundas St. West, it is accessible by car or TTC.   Adopt-A-Thon: Lots of kitties will be at the adopt-a-thon waiting for their forever families to adopt them… will you add one (or two) to your family? The cats sure hope so!!  All cats at the adopt-a-thon born before… Read More

EXCITING NEWS: Adopt-A-Thon & Microchipping Clinic

9 Kitties Adopted!! Join us Saturday, August 13th (10am – 7pm) & Sunday, August 14th (10am – 5pm) at Pet Cuisine & Accessories!  Located at Front Street East & Jarvis Street, it is easily accessible by car or TTC (King Street East streetcar).  Please spread the word!! Adopt-A-Thon: Lots of gorgeous little kitties will be out of their foster homes and waiting to be adopted into their forever homes – come meet (and adopt!) them!!  We promise they will be cute!!  Microchipping Clinic: In-store – open to everyone! Adopted cats $20 each,… Read More

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