Feral Cat Feeders Needed in York Region of Toronto

Feral cat feeders are needed at a TCR colony. The Sidney/Belsey, located in the west end of Toronto at Weston / Lawrence, is desperately seeking dedicated feeders. Feeding takes place between 5pm and 8pm. As a feeder you are asked to go weekly on your own designated day(s), and place dry and wet cat food down. Feeders pay for their own food but will be given donations if we receive any. This is a great way to help TCR and directly making a difference in the lives of needy cats. You stay… Read More

Colony Update: Greenwood / Gerrard

Written by: Colony Caregiver, Lesley C. Here we are, entering year 5… approximately 25+ feral cats and 6 human caretakers. Since our last writing we have made many accomplishments. With the determined practice of “trap neuter return” (TNR), and the financial support of donors and Toronto Cat Rescue, we had only 2 kittens born into our colony this spring, summer, fall, as opposed to 17 from one cat in the same three season spread the prior year. Unfortunately, our latest obstacle within the cat colony is age and illness. Some of our… Read More

Winter Cat Shelters

“… every cat requires and deserves shelter. Cats are not wild animals. They cannot dig dens as most non-climbing wild animals do. They do not shelter in tree holes, as most climbing wild animals do. They will not share ground dens with other species, as many wild animals do. Cats cannot build their own shelter, therefore it must be provided for them. In our opinion, there is absolutely no exception to this.” – American Cat Project The cats at the Corsetti Colony montiored by Toronto Cat Rescue volunteers would agree with the… Read More

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