URGENT: Barn or Sanctuary Placement Needed for Five Feral Cats

UPDATE (March 20th): Happy News, a cat-friendly barn has been found! TCR is an avid supporter of Trap-Neuter-Return as a means of controlling cat overpopulation and improving the lives of Toronto’s ferals. In some rare cases where TNR is not possible, relocation becomes the next best option. This colony of 6 cats needs urgent help because their home (a trailer) is being demolished in a few weeks. If that isn’t bad enough, replacing the trailer with cat shelters is not an option as these cats live on a sensitive wildlife habitat, so… Read More

Feeding Ferals: Rain, Snow and Sunshine

Written by Colony Caregiver: Robin There are legions of us out there, feral cat colony caregivers they call us. You would mostly recognize us by our cars, filled with cat food, water, traps, shelters and sometimes bales of straw. I am part of a group that cares for a colony of approximately 20 cats who live in an industrial area in the east end of Toronto. Three to five days a week (other people feed the other days) I load up my car with two trugs of clean bowls, four litre and… Read More

Sue G.’s Mississauga Feral Cat Colony

Donations are desperately needed to support Trap-Neuter-Return (Monitor) efforts in a West End colony that TCR has just started working with. This colony, located at Hurontario and Dundas in Mississauga, consists of at least 35 cats that have been cared for by community members for approximately a decade. With all the inbreeding that has taken place over the years, almost the entire colony is grey, black & white, or black! The cats are fed every day by dedicated caregivers, and they are well sheltered. The colony sits behind a strip plaza that… Read More

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