Patches in Newcastle

Patches is a big and fabulous boy who joined the Newcastle feral colony approximately 10 months ago and has been through the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program with Toronto Cat Rescue. It is possible that at one time Patches was a pet as he shows the ability to receive and give affection to his colony feeder. Unfortunately his time outdoors has made him leary of humans and he is unhappy if brought indoors. Lately, Patches health has been suffering. He has been having difficulties eating and salivates profusely and demonstrates pain when he is… Read More

Feral Cat Feeders Needed in Toronto

Update: We have volunteer feral feeders for every day of the week – thank you to everyone that offered to help! Feral cat feeders are needed at TCR’s Vaughan/Oakwood colony, located in the west end of Toronto (map). The colony is sheltered and fed daily. Feeding takes place around 6-7pm. As a feeder you are asked to go weekly on your designated day, and put bowls of dry cat food down. In the winter you need to put warm water down for the cats to ensure it does not freeze before they… Read More

Desperate For Help: Volunteers Needed

Toronto Cat Rescue operates a “Help for Cats” (or “Line 3“) hotline for people inquiring about surrendering their cats, rescuing local strays or helping feral cats in their community. This helpline is one of the only ways that Torontonians can seek advice and assistance for their ‘cat problem’, and it is entirely volunteer-run. We are desperate for volunteers to help with this line.  If you are a self-motivated person who loves to help and offer advice about cats – this is the volunteer role for you!  You will have one shift per week where… Read More

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