Meet little Tri-pawed Franklin

Every day Toronto Cat Rescue transforms the lives of misfortunate cats into happy adoption stories, but there are some rescues that just make us feel especially proud. Franklin is one of those special stories. At just six weeks old, poor little Franklin was found outside with a horribly mangled, foul smelling, right front leg. We don’t know what exactly happened to Franklin, but the limb was badly fractured, and completely infested with maggots. Poor little guy was malnourished and emaciated. His coat was filthy and he was in severe pain. He was rushed… Read More

Kitten Season Is Expensive!

It’s that time of year. Cats that have not been spayed become mama cats… fast! And there come the litters of kittens that have nowhere to go. Each of these kittens need shelter, food, litter, veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and then to be spayed or neutered! AND each of the mama cats needs to be spayed once she’s finished nursing her little ones. There are also little kittens without mothers that require bottle feeding every two hours, expensive kitten meal replacement formula, continuous watching and weighing. It’s a busy time of year for… Read More

Sometimes families are made, not born

Two-year-old Karla was part of a large group rescued from Quebec. Upon arrival in Toronto it was discovered that Karla was pregnant. Sadly, despite being rushed to a vet clinic, Karla’s kittens did not survive. She spent some recovery time at the clinic then was moved to a foster home. Karla had a rough time the first few days in her foster home. She was scared and confused, and she missed her kittens. Everything was strange; but her foster people were patient and kind. After a few litter box accidents, and a couple of days of being reluctant… Read More