Meet ROCCO – help him, and other cats!

Our annual Bowl-A-Thon is happening on Saturday, May 5th. It is a very important fundraiser for us because our supporters are raising funds to help cats in need… cats in desperate life saving need, like Rocco. Rocco is one of the saddest cases of neglect Toronto Cat Rescue has ever seen. He was found in horrible body condition – emaciated, fleas crawling all over him, severely anemic and a significant heart murmur. Worse yet, there was a massive wound on the side of his head covered in dangerously necrotic tissue (we have… Read More

Meet Hawk: The Heart Stealer

Around the time that the world lost the great Stephen Hawking, TCR rescued a woeful looking brown tabby boy who we decided to name “Hawk” as a tribute to the renowned Physicist. With his hunched over posture, Hawk reminded us a bit of his human namesake. Hawk tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), a virus which weakens the immune system of a cat. Just as Stephen Hawking valiantly battled his ALS, cats who are properly cared for can still live long happy lives with a good diet, low stress, indoor home,… Read More

Kittens, kittens, kittens!

With the arrival of Spring, Toronto Cat Rescue is preparing for the onslaught of kittens. Both Diva and her daughter, Harmony, have already kicked “Kitten Season 2018” into high gear! Diva and Harmony are a unique foster situation because both felines were born and raised outside. Neither is used to close human contact, particularly Diva. She gets her name from having some serious cat-itude when her foster mom gets too close.  For the safety of the babies, both moms were placed with one of our foster families who is experienced with managing… Read More