Great partnerships save cats’ lives!

Over the past few years, TCR has had a partnership with the London Animal Care Centre (LACC), stepping in to help out when their shelter is overwhelmed. This week, we received the wonderful letter below from the Director of Operations at LACC – thanking us for our efforts. This has been a very successful relationship and has saved the lives of hundreds of cats. A special thanks to all of you who have opened your homes and hearts to one of the kitties from London! Dear TCR board members and Volunteers, I wanted to… Read More

Support Our New Volunteer Centre

Did you know? Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) saves more cats each year than most other local animal welfare organizations, even though we’ve never had a shelter or office. We know we’re good at finding homes for cats. But now we need YOUR help to find a home for TCR, too. Please donate towards the brand new Toronto Cat Rescue Volunteer Centre! The Volunteer Centre will serve as a home base from which to organize large-scale rescue missions. Cats will be carefully assessed so we can match them with the right foster homes… Read More

Rescue in Action – Sammy

Meet Sammy, a Survivor This month, Toronto Cat Rescue has stepped up to help two large groups of cats from Quebec. Two weeks ago, we welcomed 38 adults and 2 infants from Humane Society International (HSI). Next, we stepped up to help 30 cats from an overcrowded shelter just outside of Quebec City. That’s 70 cats who are now safe in TCR foster homes. Your donations are what make this possible. Please donate today! Meet Sammy. His is but one of 70 heart-warming stories to share. When Sammy was found, he was… Read More