Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB April 2, 2006. Betsy is full of love but never seems quite sure how to demonstrate it and to whom. An unstable early life has left her with some trust issues but, although it takes time, her foster mom can attest that Betsy is able to learn to trust and, in her quiet way, is very loving.

Betsy has had a health issue which was difficult to diagnose and, as a result, has lived with her foster mom for quite a while. A recent surgery, however, has left her free of the pain she must have been experiencing and cleared up the other symptoms. The veterinarian has given her a clean bill of health and the only additional long-term care she should require is a special diet which she will need for rest of her life.

Her true, rather quirky personality is now starting to show through more clearly. She likes to view her world up-side down and will arrange herself so that her head is hanging down. She loves to play and chasing a laser beam will keep her well entertained. She is nuts about catnip. She is not a greedy cat but when her foster mom puts food out for her Betsy will run up to her dish, rub herself against her foster mom and then trot off to dine later. Gratitude maybe? She squeaks rather than meows and has the cutest waddle when she walks. She doesn’t like to be picked up but she wants to be close to those she loves and will snuggle up beside them.

Betsy’s forever home should be quiet, stable adult home or with older children. Even more than most cats she finds change difficult so she will probably hide for days but will eventually come out and tentatively make herself at home. She has not been exposed to any animals except her sister (who has since been adopted) but she probably should be an only animal. She might adapt to a gentle dog or cat but the introduction should be slow.

Whoever adopts Betsy will be rewarded for their patience by a sweet and loving cat.