Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB October 31, 2007. My name is Benji, and I am a fluffy black fellow growing in my coat! I am sad to say my 96 year old owner has gone into hospital and won’t be coming out… that has left me looking for a new home. We were best buddies and I am a very people friendly cat so I am missing my companionship with her. I use to live with other cats (before I met my senior companion). I am unsure how I would feel about dogs or young children.

I love to sleep on a windowsill or warm lap. I am deaf and it’s taken me a bit of time to adjust to my new caregiver and figure out what I am able to eat, but I am the friendly and love having someone to adore me and who pays me lots of attention. I am really hoping that the third time is a charm in finding me a forever home!

Benji is very friendly, affectionate and loves human attention. He will become your best bud in time. He does have some special needs and health issues that are being well managed by a special diet and some prescribed medications.

Benji is deaf and therefore responds well to visual and touch.

He is on a special diet of Med-I-Cal Venison & Rice. This costs $60 for a 24 can case which lasts 24 days. He also takes Tylan Powder occasionally for bacteria in his stomach. He takes Prednisolone once a day to calm his stomach.

Benji has minor arthritis in his back end. It slows him down a little but not much and he takes a supplement to help with it, called Sasha’s Blend.

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