Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB January 8, 2012.

Aurora is a sweet, pretty little girl. She loves to burrow and to find new cuddly spots around the house. If a blanket is left somewhere out in the open, it is quite likely that she will make herself a nest and cuddle up under it. At bedtime, she may even try to climb under the covers with you! Aurora loves to be around people, but prefers not to be picked up. If you allow her to come to you on her own however, she will sit right next to you and reward you with a big, loud purr.

Aurora was rescued from a very overcrowded house where she was one of over one-hundred cats, all trying to survive. She needs a family with lots of patience and love for a shy little cat who is learning to trust. Aurora would not do well in a loud or busy home. She is looking forward to finding her quiet forever home – one filled with love!