Spayed, Vaccinated, DOB November 15, 2003. Aja is a beautiful grey tabby cat who is friendly, playful, curious and easy-going. Aja loves stretching out on her back for a belly rub, and loves a good brushing too. Sadly, Aja ended up in a foster home when her first human caregiver no longer wanted her after having a baby.

Aja has lived with her sister Emma all her life but they are not especially bonded the way they once were so they could be adopted together or apart. Aja doesn’t have experience with other animals but she may be okay with them given her easy-going disposition; this will need to be determined. A home that is not too hectic would be best for Aja.

Aja had an external, cancerous lump on her back in 2011 that was surgically removed. The doctor has given her a clean bill of health and no further issues have emerged for Aja.

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