It has been exactly 6 months that Stan has been with me through TCR and I wanted to thank you for enriching my life with my first rescue and loving boy that is my Stanny.

I have not changed his name. It totally suits him, and everyone who has met him agrees. Plus, there are a lot of variations that I have fun with. He’s a STANd up guy, and when he’s being funny he’s a STANdup comedian. When he’s being regal I call him Stanislov. His nickname is J. Edgar when he’s Hoovering the floor.

His food driven ways are a thing of the past! He has come to realize that food is always available and he’s not so desperate when it comes to food. I actually cried the first time I gave him canned food. He ate then threw up then ate and threw up… it was so sad because nothing so sweet should ever be that hungry. He has gained a little weight which is good, but I am not going to let him get too fat. Actually, when I give them treats, you’d never think that Stan was once the homeless one – Jimmy, my resident cat, seems more like it!! And he’s been with me since a tiny kitten.

When Stan first came here, the lady that dropped him off suggested that I keep them apart for 24 hours, which I was willing to do, but I had them introduced in less than 2 hours. I didn’t rush anything, it happened naturally. My Jimmy is a sweetheart and she said to judge by his reaction. They get along very well, which was the point of me getting Stan. I am away from home 12 hours a day and Jimmy has always had other cats around until August 2010, and he needed a buddy. Stan will put an arm around Jimmy and lick his face, chest and front legs. They are so sweet together! Stanny is a sweet, loving cat and I am very happy to have found him.

I am going to volunteer for TCR either in the stores for adopt-a-thons and sewing beds and toys for the cats. I love what you do and I will support it all the way.

So thank you again. I love Stanny to bits and he is such a sweet guy. I will take the very best care of him as his forever momma, and will be proud and happy to do so!

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  1. Stan was my foster cat. And this picture. This story, makes all the work worth it. Thank you for sharing.

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