Night Fury

Last June (2010) I adopted a little black 8-week old kitten from PetSmart in Kitchener. His siblings were all adopted when I went in to get my very first kitty, and he was so full of life. The first time I held him he put his paws around my neck and licked my chin. I was hooked. He had to come home with me. He needed me, and I needed him.

He’s a little trouble maker! Don’t tell Max, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Even when he’s getting into trouble and breaking vases, eating my tomatoes from off the kitchen windowsill or I catch him on the stove (which is the biggest of no-no’s!) he’s still my little guy, and teaches me infinite patience. He is the biggest joy in my life and I am ever grateful for the family who taught him the skills he has learned that make him the most unique animal I have ever known.

My sister calls Max a “Cog” part cat, part dog. To this day, every night when I get home he licks my face and gently every morning. I wake up to him the pillow space above my head, again licking my nose. He is still affectionate and he is very long and large (NOT FAT) weighing 15lbs! But he’s still very active. He loves all his cat-furniture scratching posts, his balls with bells, fuzzy-rattling mice and his cat tunnels. My friends say my apartment is set up for a cat to live in, and I’m just the guest/caretaker. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Max’s foster parents must be thanked for doing a very good thing, and for being so selfless.

Thank you!

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