Diesel Dillon

I can’t say enough about how thrilled we are with Diesel and Dillon and how great of a job the foster parents have done. There have been no litter issues or ‘accidents’ whatsoever, and both boys were friendly and comfortable around people from the moment they arrived. I even managed to trim nails on both of them with little fuss. I’m so glad we chose to take them as a pair. I think Dillon might of done alright as an only kitten, but Diesel can’t stand to be apart from his brother. It’s so much fun watching them interact as littermates. They spend hours playing with each other and then curl up together for naps most of the time. Diesel is definitely the more vocal and cuddly of the two. If he’s separated from his brother or us for long, he lets out a little meow and then comes running with his tail in the air when someone responds. He’s a little glutton for his food, and super cuddly when sleepy. Looks like he’ll be a wonderful lap cat. Dillon is more stand offish, but super intelligent and loves to play and hunt. He looks like he is going to be a very long leggy cat, and certainly puts his athleticism to good use. Diesel is content to play with just about anything that moves, but Dillon is much more selective, showing a preference for toy mice and more natural prey. He loves to sit on the back of the couch and stretch out after a good hunting session, and purrs loudly when petted.

This experience has brought so much joy into our lives. I had forgotten how cute and fun kittens could be, and Larissa has never raised kittens before, so everything is that much more new and exciting for her. I get more pleasure out of watching her reactions than I do from watching the kittens play sometimes. I can’t thank all of you enough for giving us this opportunity.

Brian & Larissa

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