Desi is settling in and has made our home his adventure land since I brought him home. We decided to change his name to Bosco. The day I brought Bosco home, he quickly warmed up to the room where I set up his litter box, food and bed. Our veteran cat, Rocky, wouldn’t stop sniffing and scratching at the door. It was a long, sleepless nite as both Bosco and Rocky were constantly scratching and meowing! We introduced them the next day thru a crack in the door. Bosco made his way out of the door somehow and went up right to Rocky, touched noses, and have been inseparable since!

Bosco LOVES snuggles and hugs. He purrs so loudly and his favourite place to lie down is on my chest or the crook of my arm. He’ll snuggle in there and just take a snooze. He’s so vibrant and playful and loves attention.


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